How to transfer and change servers in Diablo Immortal

Transferring servers in Diablo Immortal is seemingly relatively simple: after you first open the game, in the main menu, tap the real name of the server you’re entering (often called something imaginary like “Talva Silvertongue” shown below) and you’ll get a full list of possible servers you can enter. Then select the one you want and However, whether it transfers progress and your character is another matter, and we’ll go into more detail below about what you actually need to have when transferring servers in Diablo Immortal.

Can you transfer servers in Diablo Immortal and protect your character?

No, at the time of writing, there is no way in Diablo Immortal to transfer servers as you take your character and move forward with you. Unfortunately, the characters in Diablo Immortal are currently locked to their original servers – which means that any progress you make belongs to that server itself and only to that server. Switch to a new server and you will effectively start a new game from scratch.

There is also no indication that this feature will change in the future. Admittedly, we haven’t seen any announcements that this won’t happen, but those looking to take Diablo Immortal battle ratings to new realms probably won’t get it, and almost certainly won’t anytime soon.

Can you play with your friends on other servers?

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Servers do not overlap in any way at the time of writing, independent realms all modeled on the same template and with the same characteristics, but players’ influence is strictly limited to the server they are on. There is no cross play between them. , which can be frustrating – it means that one of you will have to transfer to the other’s server and restart your progress as mentioned above.

The best thing you can do before choosing one of the first Diablo Immortal classes is to choose a server with good latency and connectivity for you and pass this information on to all your friends. all based on the same server. That way, the only two reasons to transfer servers – coop play and connection issues – should ideally not be a problem.

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