How to take Valheim barley and flax and what is it used for?

Valheim barley and flax are crucial ingredients needed to conquer the Plains biome. Just because it is suitable for such a dangerous place; These resources are hard to find. Instead of just getting them, you may have to infiltrate a village full of nasty green goblins. I am sorry for this.

Finding barley and flax is worth it though, as that means you’ll have a new food item and a new crafting material in your inventory. Would you like bread and linen? Then follow this guide to obtain barley and flax in Valheim.

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How to get barley and flax in Valheim

Obtaining both barley and flax in Valheim is a similar process. The first step is to find the Plains biome, which is the fifth biome you need to explore after conquering the Mountains and defeating Moder. If you’re discovering a Plains before this point, do so at your own risk, as there’s a good chance you’re not equipped with powerful enough gear.

While exploring the Plains, you should also check out Fuling Villages. Fulings are little goblin foes, much stronger than Greydwarves, and while they can be managed on their own – you’ll still want at least iron gear, mind – they pose a huge threat in groups. Fuling Villages, as you might expect, is full of vagrants.

When you eliminate the enemy threat in Fuling Villages, look for seeds planted in the ground. These may be barley and/or flax, although barley is typically more common. This is the only way to get both materials, but once you have them you can return to your base and start a farm to grow more. There we can help you with how to plant seeds in Valheim.

Valheim barley explained

What do you do with barley in Valheim? If you’re not planting in the ground to grow more barley, you’ll want to make Barley Flour using a Windmill. It is a key component of four foodstuffs; Blood Pudding, Fish Wrap, Bread and Lox Meat Pie. These are some of the most beneficial foods in the game, so if you have enough barley, they’re worth making.

Valheim linen explained

Flax is by no means a food item. Once you have a Spinning Wheel, you can Use Flax on it to create Flax Thread, which is necessary for all kinds of armor and weapons. Requires Linen Thread like Black Metal Sword, Atgeir, Ax and Knife, Padded Greaves, Cuirass and Helmet. The Linen Cloak and Hedgehog need it too, so it’s vital for some of the most powerful gear in the game.

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