How to make money fast on Saints Row

Getting Saints Row money is the key to getting the best guns, cars and crime work equipment and you can earn money fast from Side Hustles, Ventures and missions. Remember, you have to spend money to make money, and the story progression will really help you earn money, so make sure you don’t neglect the main quests while playing and be prepared to spend a lot of money when you first start out. As these investments are later in the game, you’ll be able to count on buying and raising Ventures for sweet passive income and repeatable Side Hustles for quick cash. Here’s what you need to know about making Saints Row money fast.

How to get Saints Row money

Saint Row is the kind of game where you can reward almost anything you do with money and XP – there’s a lot of stuff you can spend your money on in Saints Row, including clothes, vehicles and weapons. However, there are a few things you should definitely focus on if you want to save up plenty of cash and maybe some Saints Row XP for your criminal ventures:

  • Tasks: The Saints Row missions are obviously the mainstay throughout the game’s story, but they also offer plenty of rewards, including a good few thousand payouts along the way. You’ll also need to play missions to unlock other Saints Row’s systems and features that will help you earn more money, namely the Initiatives that are unlocked after completing the ‘Networking’ quest.
  • Side Sprints: Saints Row is full of Side Hustle quests that allow you to quickly complete one type of criminal activity. For example, Choplifting missions let you steal items using a helicopter. Many Side Hustles are replayable and cash prizes are awarded each time – usually $4,000. The Choplifting quest in Old Town East (just east of Saints HQ) can be easily completed in under two minutes, so you can easily raise over $25,000 in about 15 minutes. Completing main quests and Side Hustles unlocks more Side Hustles, so be sure to check your map regularly for new rushes to take on. You can even do them with your friends, thanks to co-op and cross-play in Saints Row.
  • Initiatives: Criminal Enterprises in Saints Row will become one of your primary sources of income to finance your extravagant purchases. Every Venture you own pays an hourly income that goes directly to your phone’s Cash app. You can increase revenue for each Venture by eliminating Threats in the nearby area, fulfilling required objectives, and completing their story – minigames like the Saints Row insurance fraud minigame can also earn you more money. Doing all this will earn you various Venture-specific rewards, such as outfits that will help you change your look in Saints Row. (opens in new tab), plus $30,000 in cash. We recommend buying Saints Row Ventures whenever possible to increase your passive income, because what you lose in the short run is more than it pays off in the long run. Make sure you transfer your passive income money from the cash app regularly, as there is an upper limit to how much it can hold and the excess money cannot be recovered later!
  • Searched contracts: Use the Wanted app on your phone to access various rewards in need of hunting. Each takes you on a small task and offers a $5,000 reward for your efforts. Side Hustles can be completed and replayed much faster, so Wanted rewards aren’t that great, but $5,000 is better than nothing.
  • Defeated enemies: This isn’t the most lucrative part of Saints Row, but make sure you crush all the enemies you take down to collect the coins they drop. It will save you a staggering amount of money that should add up nicely to your funds, and over time it will make a huge difference to your bank statement.
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