How to get Scourgestones in V Rising

To obtain V Rising Scourgestones, players will need to hunt them in certain mid-late game areas, but even farming can be done if you know how. Whip stones are useful in crafting certain items, such as the precious Dark Silver Ingot, but capturing them is no picnic, even for the veteran vampire. With that in mind, we’ll show you how to find and even collect V Rising Scourgestones in our guide below.

How to get V Rising Scourgestones

To obtain Scourgestones in V Rising, players can craft them using the recipe or try to throw them from certain NPC mobs in certain locations. Finding them in the world is probably the less painful method of the two, when done right it won’t cost you anything. Go to these places and especially check out chests, coffins and local mobs.

  • Church of the Damned (North Dunley Farmland)
  • Dunley Abbey (West Dunley Farmland)
  • Both Old Villages (East and West Cursed Forest)

If not, go back to your Stronghold, let them regenerate and try again. Alternatively, be sure to watch out for the following enemies in any area:

  • Skeleton Bishop
  • Railing

While the Bishop has a higher chance and is easier to defeat, both of these enemies have a chance to drop Trouble Stones. Scarecrows don’t move until attacked, at which point they have a chance to become mini-bosses. Batter them for a small chance of Scourgestone.

Alternatively, you can try to make your own. To make one, head to your Bakery and the recipe should be ready! You will need the following components:

  • whetstone (x1)
  • Glass (x3)
  • Grave Powder (x3)

If you need help getting more V Rising Sharpening StonesYou can check out our guide on that, but at this point in the game you probably have at least a few of all these resources and can check out key locations on the map to see where they are.

How to grow Scourgestones

On the other hand, the method for collecting Scourgestones is simple – building a Graveyard. These mob spawning devices can be used to spawn Skeleton Bishops who, as noted, have a chance to drop Scourgestones. Kill the level 27 boss Goreswine the Ravager and you will unlock the recipe for making Tomb. From then on, you can spawn as many priests as you want (after paying the summon fee) and kill them over and over again.

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