How to get Disney Dreamlight Valley Falling Water and Ice Heart

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Falling Water and Ice Heart ingredients are needed to craft a fascinating potion that enhances your Watering Can. It is an extremely useful upgrade that allows you to smash the biggest mushrooms that are blocking parts of the Glade of Trust. Falling Water can be obtained from a waterfall and you will need to grow the Ice Heart yourself! See below for full details on exactly where you can find Falling Water in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how you can raise Hearts of Ice for The Final Trial quest.

How to get Falling Water in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Don’t let the weird name make you think this is exotic material, because Falling Water is actually very easily obtained at Disney’s Dreamlight Valley. First, head to the waterfall at the south end of the Glade of Trust. Now stand on the edge of the creek near the stone bridge and you will notice golden sparkles coming out from a certain point and you can control it with a button prompt. Follow the command and collect the Disney Dreamlight Valley Falling Water you need!

How to get Heart of Ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Heart of Ice is also very simple, requiring you to use the Disney Dreamlight Valley Ice Tear Seed found in the magic book Merlin gave you. Dig it whole using your shovel and plant the Ice Tear Seed in the soil as you would any other seed, then water it with your Watering Can. The ice blue plant grows tall after a few seconds, allowing you to harvest an Ice Heart from it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Emeralds

You will need lots of Disney Dreamlight Valley Emeralds for other missions

We planted our Ice Tear Seed in the Plaza area of ​​Disney Dreamlight Valley and it was fully grown in about three seconds, but we think the seed will grow fast wherever you plant it, unlike regular crops that take longer to grow if planted. plants outside their native biome. Dig out any spot, plant the Ice Tear Seed and water it to finally get it to grow. After the Heart of Ice is harvested, the plant is destroyed and cannot grow again. Ice Heart doesn’t seem to serve any other purpose than this mission anyway, so you’re not missing out on anything.

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How to complete the Disney Dreamlight Valley quest Final Trial

Disney Dreamlight Valley tips

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At this point, you’ll have the two main Disney Dreamlight Valley ingredients you need to create the magic upgrade balm for your Watering Can. However, the ointment also requires 25 Mushrooms to craft, so if you don’t have them yet, collect them on the ground in the Trust Glade. Make sure he hangs out with one of your Disney Dreamlight Valley characters assigned the Collector role so they can help you get more Mushrooms.

When Disney Dreamlight Valley Falling Water, Ice Heart, and 25 Mushrooms are ready, go to a crafting table and craft the Royal Watering Life Upgrade Ointment under the Potion and Enchantment section. You can now take this ointment to Merlin and he will apply it to your Watering Can, which will now have the capacity to evaporate those mega-fungi that are blocking the path. Merlin will also reward you with a cool wizard hat for your magical efforts in the Final Trial quest!

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