How to fly in Horizon Forbidden West and unlock Sunwing override

Being able to fly in Horizon Forbidden West includes a Sunwing override you can get in the quest Wings of the Ten. If you don’t want to know anything about it then stop reading – you will eventually reach this point just by playing. However, if you’re wondering when and how you can fly, read on for everything explained.

We’re not going to ruin anything here in Horizon Forbidden West except the ability to fly, but once you unlock that power via the ability to override Sunwings, we can say it’s a total game changer. You can navigate faster and reach previously inaccessible areas to explore and find collectibles. Once you have the Override ability and use it, you can summon your Sunwings like any other mount – if they lift you off the ground or spin overhead, you can use the Pullcaster to reach them.

Unlock Sunwing and fly Horizon Forbidden West

To fly in Horizon Forbidden West, you will need to complete the main quest called Gemini. To avoid spoilers, I won’t explain what it is, but it’s a level 30 mission that’s way ahead of the story. This isn’t exactly the end of the game, but it’s getting close, and this mission will take some time, includes a few stages and a mid-term where you’ll be locked in before returning to your base. So get ready for a journey.

Back at your base, Gemini has a few unfinished business to take care of before embarking on the Wings of the Ten quest. Depending on the side quests you’ve already discovered, you may consider this name a prerequisite for some quests.

At the start of this task, you will see that you have done a Sunwing override:

You’re not locked into this mission exactly the same as the previous Gemini mission, so you can take a break now and enjoy the flight gift if you want – we went right away and arranged a locked Tallneck flight, let us arrive. give examples. However, hacking Sunwing leads nicely to the rest of the mission and involves a huge flight stack, so seeing him through to the end isn’t the worst thing.

You’ll find that the Sunwing behaves like any other mount, but occupies a separate slot so you can have both ground and air options at the same time. If you whistle it will lift you off the ground and you can jump squarely whenever you want. It usually hovers over you when you leave it behind, and you can pull the Pullcaster up when the prompt appears.

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