How to fix Dead Space dialog thread

The Dead Space communications sequence puzzle will see you rewire junctions to restore power to an antenna in Episode 7. It’s not a difficult concept – you just need to move the pieces around to create a complete circuit so you can broadcast a message. It’s like pipes and water – just route power around the grid until you reach the central circle!

But you do it at zero-G in a large domed room while the pieces you need are floating around you. They may be behind you or not facing you so you can’t see what they are, which makes this puzzle more difficult than it needs to be. There’s a lot flying around chasing lice to see if you need them or to try to get a good look at everything. Below we have the Dead Space dialog array puzzle solution laid out clearly to make all that low-gravity easy.

If you’re after a more general aid for survival then check it out Dead Space tips for all the basics.

Dead Space dialog array puzzle solution

This is the dialog array solution in Dead Space – white symbols in a red frame. The idea is that to turn the power back on, you have to remove the broken antenna parts and replace them with working parts that connect the power from the bottom up.

Broken parts will have an orange symbol and spark, while working parts will have clear white lines or angles that indicate the direction in which they will send power. Using Kinesis, you can pull out broken pieces (you can only release them to drag) and then replace them with working pieces.

The two images above are the solution that worked for me, but another writer playing on the team also came up with an alternative, similar solution that works just fine, which makes me think there’s more than one way and arrangement. I realize that the bottom section forms a square, but this is not necessary to complete the puzzle – a straight path from either side of the generator to the array is fine, and one side can be a dead end as long as the other reaches the target point. aim.

Whether you use our solution or a different solution, just focus on getting a blue power line from the bottom up. If you get confused, step back as far as you can to get a better look at everything and make sure you don’t miss any missing pieces.

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