How to find Valheim merchant Haldor

The Valheim merchant is a very important person. This blue dwarf, named Haldor, is your only source of Ymir Meat, Fishing Bait, and Yule Hats. And that’s not all it offers. If you want to advance in Valheim, you’d better visit the merchant Haldor.

Of course there is a catch; Haldor is very difficult to locate. Here’s how to start your search, including (if you need it) a world seed that will take you directly to Haldor. Happy shopping!

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Valheim merchant explained

You looked for the dealer in Valheim but couldn’t find it anywhere. What do you do now?

Haldor – and his trusty horse/herd-mule Haldeim – only black Forest biomes. This is troublesome for beginners, as the Black Forest is one of the more difficult biomes that you should not enter right away, but luckily, if you are just getting started, the merchant will have nothing for you.

When you approach Haldor on the map, a sack icon will appear informing you that you are nearby. Get close to him and you’ll see a protective bubble around his camp that prevents enemy creatures from attacking you or him while you trade.

One tip is to place a Portal (2 Surtling Core, 10 Greydwarf Eye, 20 Fine Wood) next to the merchant so you can instantly return whenever you want. This prevents you from traveling back and forth unless your base is nearby.

Valheim merchant stock

Here is the full list of what Haldor is selling and the price of each item in coins:

  • Christmas Hat (100)
  • Meat of Ymir (120)
  • Fishing Rod (350)
  • Fishing Lure x50 (10)
  • Dverger’s Circle (620)
  • Megingjord (950)

The Dverger Circlet (which provides lighting in front of you in the dark) and the Megingjord (which increases the carrying capacity to 450 pounds) are two of the most useful items in the game, so it makes sense that they’re very expensive.

Haldor will also buy from you Amber and Amber Pearls for 5 and 10 coins each and Ruby for 20 coins. So, if you want to maximize your first trip to the merchant, bring all your jewelry, because that’s all they are used to.

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Valheim dealer location

Not a seed discovered with a guaranteed trader more away from spawning location 42069lolxd. If you go southeast from the spawn point, follow the coast, then cross into the Black Forest, you should find Haldor nearby on your map. If you run and avoid Greylings along the way, you can do it here from the start.