How to find and sell GTA Online Street Vendors?

GTA Online Street Dealers began lurking in the back roads and dark streets of Los Santos and Blaine County; this is good news for you if you have product to sell. These propellants are in the market for acid, cocaine, meth and weed, one of which is their narcotic of choice, giving you a huge increase in selling price over other distribution methods in GTA Online. Naturally, they are not very keen on advertising their locations, so we have details on how to find Street Vendors and sell them your product in GTA Online.

Where are Street Vendors in GTA Online?

GTA Online Street Dealers will spawn in three random locations around the map, but unlike GTA Online G’s Caches and GTA Online Stash Houses, you can’t select them in the list of attractions as they only appear while you’re there. . When you are near a Street Vendor, a purple speech bubble icon will pop up:

In the marked location you will find one of the Street Dealers in GTA Online, you can then approach and interact with him to start a sale. You can apply interactively to find the three current locations of the dealers. GTAWeb map (opens in new tab)If it is not automatically highlighted, select Street Vendors from the sidebar.

How to sell products to GTA Online Street Dealers?

When you interact with one of the GTA Online Street Vendors, you will be presented with a list of the four drugs traded in the game, but you must have completed the following prerequisites and have the Item ready to be able to sell. from the narcotic in question:

  • Acid – Buy a GTA Online Acid Lab
  • Cocaine – Buy a Cocaine Crate
  • meth – Purchase a Methamphetamine Lab
  • Marijuana – Buy a Herb Farm

The amount requested by Street Vendors in GTA Online will be the same across all three NPCs, but their prices will vary for each item. Each seller will also have a particular drug that they prioritize, marked with an asterisk at the top of the list, and they will pay a higher-than-usual price for it. As with their location, visit them regularly to keep up with the market, as each Street Vendor’s prices and drug preferences will change daily.

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