How to find all the items for Buzz in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story kingdom has finally been added, and with it a special Buzz Lightyear mission that lets you add it to your valley. Bonnie needs your help to find various items around her room, including two batteries, 10 race car track pieces, five Magic Growing Cacti, and four Bonnie’s Drawings. Doing all this will allow you to rescue Woody from falling out the window and transport Buzz into the valley!

Of course, note that you must first unlock the Toy Story realm in the Disney Dreamlight Valley castle using 7,000 Dreamlights.

How to find batteries for Buzz in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The first thing you need to find for Buzz in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a pair of AA batteries – oddly enough I thought he’d be a AAA male. These are your standard-looking batteries with a black body and silver top. You can find both batteries here:

  • Behind the shoebox and stack of books next to the play oven
  • In the back left corner of the room, beyond the wardrobe doors, in front of another pile of shoes and books

Once you find them, return it to Buzz to fix it and also the weirdly slow music in this realm.

How to find racecar tracks for Buzz in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Next up, you need to finish the race car track to dislodge Buzz’s window latch. There are 10 track pieces to find, but the weird thing is that they come in two different forms. First, there are the regular wooden pallet pieces you’d expect, but there are also smaller pieces that have two overhangs on them. You can see both in the picture above.

You can find all 10 race car tracks here:

  1. Under the road tower, at the top of a green box near where you entered the zone (regular road)
  2. At the bottom of the stack of books/boxes next to the play oven where you found the battery (normal way)
  3. Behind the other rail tower next to the penguin (short piece)
  4. Next to the blue paper in the front corner of the room, with the clouds and music on (normal way)
  5. To the right of the green legs of the flower table Buzz stands on (short piece)
  6. Behind the green legs of the flower table (normal way)
  7. Back right corner, next to a stack of foam squares (short piece)
  8. Inside the left side wardrobe (normal way)
  9. Next to the nightstand to the left of the bed (normal way)
  10. Behind the ramp to the cart that takes you to Buzz (short track)
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When you collect all 10 of them, return to Buzz to deliver.

How to find Magic Cacti Growing for Buzz in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now that the course is complete, it looks like it needs some power-ups to get everything in the right place, so you’ll need to collect five Magical Growing Cacti to do it. Now, at this picking stage, as you can see above, that’s a bit of a misnomer since they actually look more like juicers.

Here’s why to find all five Cacti Growing for Buzz:

  • Red: At the bottom of the ramp to where Buzz stood
  • Blue: Under the runway right across from Buzz next to the gaming oven
  • Green (1): In the wardrobe on the right next to the backpack
  • Yellow: Against the wall in the back left corner of the room
  • Green (2): In the back right corner of the room, next to the foam squares

Once you have all five you will need to place each one under the rails that need to be upgraded. Two of these pallet pieces will each need two cacti, while the other will only need a single cactus.

After that, you’ll need to water every bit of the cactus you’ve just interacted with to make the cactus really look like a cactus. Walk through each piece until it turns white and then water it to see the cacti finally take shape.

Go back to Buzz and he will give you a toy car that you have to take to the ladder next to the play oven. Once you get there, a cutscene will play and you will now see Woody’s little adventure also reach the realm of Toy Story.

Go talk to him, then to Buzz.

How do I find Bonnie’s Drawings for Buzz in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The final part of this mission is to find the Blueprints of the farm they need to rebuild before Bonnie returns from her vacation. Around the room are four drawings of Bonnie, each on a different colored paper and all decorated with gold star stickers. You will need to take a selfie with each of them.

Here’s how you can find all four of Bonnie’s drawings:

  • Pink: high on the wall to the left of the play oven
  • Purple: Inside the wardrobe on the left wall
  • Green: In front of the box / stack of books next to the nightstand
  • Yellow: When you look at the bed, it is inside the white cabinet on the right side of the room.
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After that, return once again to Buzz, who will explain that he needs more resources. Here you’re going to propose moving to the Valley, then it’s just a case of finding a place for his trailer and then paying Scrooge the 10,000 Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Coins he has to make. anyway he is doing.