How to earn FFXIV Gil fast and earn more money

Knowing how to earn as many FFXIV Gils as possible, as fast as possible, is always helpful because money always comes in handy. Get enough Gils in Final Fantasy XIV and you can buy you better weapons, customize your character, or get a fancy mount with a long-term goal of buying a home. You can earn Gil in a number of different ways – you can do everything from completing quests, selling items (many of the things you do if you choose one of the FFXIV crafting jobs), killing enemies and completing dungeons and various challenges.

However, while there are many ways to earn Gil, there is nothing that will make you rich quickly. Everything takes a fair amount of time and effort. That said, there are many ways to make money if you take the time, so let’s take a look at some of the best ways to make Gil highly rewarding, relatively low effort, and fast.

Play FFXIV Weekly Challenges and Mission Roulette

If you’re already doing Mission Roulette and Challenge Log for other reasons (like classroom experience and we’ve got an FFXIV XP leveling guide out there to help), keep doing what you’re doing. While many of the following Gil-making methods are even more rewarding, these challenges offer plenty of in-game currency and don’t take much time.

If you want to maximize the amount of Gil you get from your Duty Roulette, make sure you’re the ‘adventurer in need’. There is often a shortage of Tanks and Healers (indicated by the small icon to the left of the level requirement in the Quest Finder), so using one of these classes will give you a Gil bonus. Don’t forget to exchange your Tomestones (an additional, high-level reward) for unique gear and items. Reselling them will give you an extra source of Gil.

You will also be able to sell the loot you don’t need to other players on the Market Board (FFXIV auction house). You can also synthesize, which will provide you with some crafting pieces. If you choose to do this, you can keep some parts to yourself and sell the rest in the Market.

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Production and collection in FFXIV

If you want a steady Gil income to (eventually) get rich on FFXIV, you may want to get yourself a job. There are plenty of options: you can become a Weaver, Carpenter, Culinary Specialist or even a Botanist. While most of these occupations involve item crafting (Disciples of the Hand), a few focus on gathering materials instead (Disciples of the Earth).

Gathering supplies provides an easy source of income as it is always in demand (especially Miners). Artisans generally prefer to purchase materials rather than searching for them, so even the most basic materials will be sold on the Market. Finally, you can also sell or complete Treasure Maps (more on that later).

Although all crafting professions have their uses, the Armorer, Jeweler, and Alchemist tend to make the most valuable items. Keep in mind that leveling up these professions means being able to craft better gear, which will ultimately yield the most Gil.

Check out the FFXIV Marketboard

You have leveled up your gatherers and crafters, but what is the most profitable item to sell? There is no exact answer to this question as demand can change from time to time. Therefore, it is always wise to check the Market Board before deciding on an item. But as a general rule, remember that most players are either looking for ways to save time or for things they can’t do themselves. They’ll offer good money for high-end gear or a large amount of basic supplies.

Click on the item you want to sell to see how many other players have sold and their prices. If you are selling staples or food, you may want to place a larger stack on the market. Price differences are usually small, so keep just below the average or regular asking price.

Procurement Initiatives at FFXIV

One of the best things about making money in Final Fantasy XIV is that you can get some help from your trusted aides; Servants. After completing the ‘Sprouts of the Seventh Dawn’ Main Scenario Quest (at least level 17), you can send your Holders into the so-called ‘Conservative Initiatives’. Completing these attempts earns you experience and, of course, Gil.

The more Initiatives your Missionaries complete, the higher their level and the better your rewards will be. While Retainer Ventures may not be the most profitable activity to make Gil FFXIV, it is an easy source of income that will grow over time.

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Note that you must acquire a Venture currency before starting a Retainer Venture. You can obtain them by doing Monster Tribe Quests and Guilds, or you can buy them from your Big Company Vendor.

FFXIV Treasure Maps and Big Company Hunts

FFXIV Treasure Maps are obtained by top-level Land Disciples (Miners, Fishermen, and Botanists) during Gathering. They can also be purchased from the Market. After completing the ‘Treasures and Troubles’ quest (level 36), you unlock the ability to decipher these maps and embark on a profitable Treasure Hunt. Note that you can only keep one Treasure Map at a time, so you may want to mail the rest to a friendly player just for safekeeping.

Before you go on a Treasure Hunt, remember that Treasure Maps are a bit of a gamble as you don’t know what to get. While making these yourself is more profitable in the long run, you can also sell the maps on the Market Board for a smaller but reliable source of Gil.

If you’re not into Treasure Hunts, you might want to try Big Company Hunts instead. You can view the current Hunts and their rewards on your Large Company’s Hunt Board. Completing them will earn you very high Gil rewards, as well as Seals that can be exchanged for other valuables. Note that you must reach the rank of Lieutenant to unlock this feature.

FFXIV Monster Tribe Quests

The Beast Tribe Quests in Final Fantasy XIV reward you with some Gil, Tomestones, and Ventures, but that’s not the only reason they’re so profitable. Completing quests for the Monster Tribes will increase your reputation and ultimately give you access to unique materials and items. You can purchase these items, mounts, and minions from the Monster Tribe Vendor and sell them on the Market Board to players who do not have access to them. Pay special attention to unique paints; these will often go to very high prices.

Now all you have to do is pick a few of these monetization activities and you’re ready to fill your pockets with Gil in Final Fantasy XIV!

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