How to destroy Horizon Forbidden West Metal Flowers and remove vines

Getting rid of Horizon Forbidden West Metal Flowers opens up many new avenues and options. However, you won’t know how to remove these mechanical plants and vines until you reach a significant part of the game. It may take longer than you should, as you won’t know where or when until you reach that point.

So if you want to remove the metal flowers in Horizon Forbidden West, we can tell you what quests and progression you need. But be warned: This guide contains incredibly minor spoilers for some of the names. Horizon Forbidden West tasks, bbut we kept them as little as possible.

How to pass Horizon Forbidden West Metal Flowers?

You will need an item called Vine Cutter to open Horizon Forbidden West Metal Flowers. This is a spear modification that allows you to destroy Metal Flowers and the vines they produce. However, the campaign lags behind a certain point of progression – at a certain point in the main storyline. Horizon Forbidden West Aether, Poseidon or Demeter The choice will task Aloy with finding three different AIs. Vine Cutter is found in the quest “Seeds of the Past”, which is the highest level option that takes you into a wooded area. You’ll have to do all these tasks, but if you want to clear the ivy, do it first.

During the Seeds of the Past quest, players will gain access to a lab where they can find the Dissolution Code Module, a crafting item that can be used to craft the Vine Cutter. This item does nothing but destroy Metal Flowers and, more importantly, vines attached to them, often blocking a nearby path or item. Approach the flower and attack them using your spear to open them when indicated, allowing you to use the vine cutter and access new areas.

Metal Flowers are found all over the map, including optional areas; This means that Vine Cutter can help you find many new aspects of Horizon Forbidden West that you may not have been able to explore before.

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