How to buy the largest garage in GTA Online?

Having access to the largest garage in GTA Online is an absolute must if you’ve spent your previous years building a huge roster of vehicles as you need a place to store everything safely kept away from other players. Whether you’re buying any GTA Online new car that catches your eye through various updates, or you’re winning them at races at LS Car Meets and spinning the Lucky Wheel at the Diamond Casino, there’s now a wide variety of driving options available. It is available in GTA Online which makes storage space more important than ever. You don’t want to fly between parking spaces all over the map, so we have all the details on what is the largest garage in GTA Online and how you can own it to maximize your car accommodation.

The biggest garage in GTA Online

By far the largest garage in GTA Online is the Office Garage, where you can purchase three garage floors, each with a capacity of 20 cars, to give you a total capacity of 60 cars! No other place can come close to this right now. leaked information (opens in new tab) It shows that a 50-car garage on Eclipse Avenue was on the way at some point. If you’re interested in the maximum vehicle storage available at other facilities, here’s a rundown of the big players:

  • Office Garage – 60 vehicles
  • Night club – 31 vehicles
  • Arena Workshop – 30 vehicles (27 people + 3 large)
  • Agency – 20 vehicles
  • Facility – 12 vehicles (7 personal + 5 armed)
  • game machine – 10 vehicles
  • Auto showroom – 10 vehicles
  • Casino Penthouse – 10 vehicles
  • Luxury Apartment – 10 vehicles
  • MC Clubhouse – 10 vehicles (motorcycles only)

Some smaller garage properties are also available, but that’s not what you came here for, so we won’t consider them.

How to buy Office Garage in GTA Online?

Now that you know that an Office Garage is the largest garage in GTA Online, you’ll naturally want to add one to your property portfolio for maximum vehicle storage, but it’s not immediately clear how to do that. To purchase an Office Garage in GTA Online, open the web browser and go to the Dynasty 8 Executive Realty site. No doubt you’ll already have an Office, but if you don’t buy one of these before then, hover over your property and a garage icon will appear on the side. Clicking this and you can add up to three Office Garages to your property that can store 20 vehicles, each costing $1,150,000, $855,000, and $745,000 per garage.

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After purchasing an Office Garage, you can drive a vehicle to the outside marker to store it at your new facility. The layout inside may seem a bit confusing at first, as each of the three garages is divided into three levels, which you must access via interior stairs once you enter the corresponding Office Garage floor. They are separated as follows:

  • 1. Garage Floor ($1.150,000)
    • Tier 1A – 6 vehicles
    • Tier 1B – 7 vehicles
    • Tier 1C – 7 vehicles
  • 2nd Garage Floor ($855,000)
    • Tier 2A – 6 vehicles
    • Tier 2B – 7 vehicles
    • Tier 2C – 7 vehicles
  • 3. Garage Floor ($745,000)
    • Tier 3A – 6 vehicles
    • Level 3B – 7 vehicles
    • Tier 3C – 7 vehicles

The pointer on the side of the elevator can be interacted with to access the vehicle management menu and quickly move your cars between parking spaces. You can also use the elevator to travel between the floors of your Office Garage, access your office, or go up to the ground or attic. To get a vehicle back, just hop inside and then hit the gas to take the elevator to the street.

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