How to buy a Stray Atomic Battery and where to use it?

The Fugitive Atomic Battery is a key component in Clementine’s plan to reactivate the Old Metro network, but it’s been secured by the Neco Corporation at their factory, so you’ll need to come up with a plan to get your claws on. After sneaking out of this facility and escaping the Sentinels guarding it, you’ll be faced with the Stray Atomic Battery puzzle to collect the valuable item and unlike other optional side quests like finding all the musical notes in the Stray or earning the Stray Badges. , completing it is mandatory to continue the story. If you’re not sure how to get the Stray Atomic Battery or what to do with it, then we have the answers for you.

How to get Atomic Battery in Stray

When you reach the end of the factory leak in Midtown, after rolling the barrel with red laser beams, you will find the Fugitive Atomic Battery puzzle. You can see the battery, but it’s in a protective tube that you need to open before you can access it.

To get started, activate the first maintenance unit and have it follow you to the side storage cage. Climb on top of it, then jump over the fence to get inside before activating the lever to open the door.

You now have two maintenance units to activate, so take them directly to the opposing double switch, then turn them off so they stay in position and the lights on the switches stay green.

Activating these two opposing switches will lift the central tube containing the Stray atomic battery off the ground, allowing you to activate it by rolling the barrel under it and switching to the third floor switch.

Once the triplex key has all turned green, the central tube will open to reveal your reward – congratulations, you’ve completed the Fugitive Atomic Battery puzzle!

As soon as you get it, the factory will close and the alarm will sound, so go through the open shutter to the rickety platform outside and then drive the bucket pulley back to Midtown to make your escape.

Where is the Atomic Battery Used in Stray?

After completing this heist, there will be a series of events in the story, but in the end you will return to the station with the Stray Atomic Battery and the Subway Key. It’s not immediately clear what to do next, so get off the train to the opposite platform – where you automatically collect one of the Fugitive Memories on your first visit – then head down the orange illuminated stairs.

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Follow the trailing power cord to the blue light area where you first started the Midtown section and you’ll find a large control panel with space to use an item. Plug the Stray Atomic Battery here and the entire station system will unlock, allowing you to use the Subway Key in the train cabin and advance to the final part of the game.

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