How to beat Elden Ring Godskin Duo boss fight

The Elden Ring Godskin Duo boss fight in Crumbling Farum Azula is a tough one, with the two recurring enemy types now merging together like a nightmarish version of Laurel and Hardy. Using a combination of magic and smash hits to overwhelm and unbalance players, this marks one of the more challenging Elden Ring experiences, especially considering these two horrors must be fought simultaneously. Luckily, we’ve downloaded them and even though you’re having tremendous trouble, we can explain how to beat the Elden Ring Godskin Duo boss fight. Noble God Skin or angular God Skin Apostleor if you just want some Tips and Tricks.

How to beat Elden Ring Godskin Duo boss fight

Elden Ring main bosses

Kill the Godskin Duo and you’ll have almost defeated all Elden Ring main bosses! Check out our guide to see the giants left to topple.

To beat the Elden Ring Godskin Duo boss fight in Crumbling Farum Azula, we must first address the obvious truth – you must do your best to fight them one by one. Fighting both at the same time is a path to failure, as both are formidable foes in their own right and will have no problem tearing you apart since you fail to defend yourself from both angles.

That’s why those struggling should take advantage of the Ash Spirit summons. Find the strongest, most durable summon you have and bring it as soon as you enter the arena. It doesn’t matter which of the two Godskin your summoner goes after – you’ll fight the other while distracting the first enemy. After finishing your own enemy, help your summoner kill his enemy before a new one appears.

Oh, we have to touch on that – just killing the Godskin Duo isn’t enough. They continue to respawn as long as shared health bars remain (which admittedly takes some time). You just have to kill them until their health bar runs out, which means you need to kill about four or five Godskin enemies before their bulk health is gone and they stop following you.

No matter which of the Godskin Duo you’re struggling to take down, below we’ll explain their individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as some general tips for the fight itself.

Godskin Duo has some weaknesses and strengths in common, meaning that strategic advice applied to one can be applied to the other. Here are some basic considerations to keep in mind before and during the boss fight.

  • The recommended level for Godskin Duo is at least 100., with +18 or higher weapons. That being said, assuming you’re just not on the critical path, you should probably be a little higher than that at this point.
  • It’s a bit of a walk from the previous Grace Site to the arena – the best you can do is dodge enemies along the way, running and past them, making your way up the stairs to the left and then down the slender ledge. Take the rough road with the arena entrance on the right. You’ll encounter two or three knights on the way, but leave them in your dust.
  • Alternatively, if you approach the Dragon Temple Transept from the secondary Grace Zone to the Southeast, there will be an option to summon the friendly NPC Recusant Bernahl.
  • Godskin Duo is somewhat vulnerable to Slashing damage and general status effects like Bleed and Frostbite, but is highly resistant to Fire, Lightning, and Magic as well as Strike, leaving little in the way of physical weaknesses.
  • The sleep effect can help make this fight a lot easier – you can use one of the Godskins as a Sleep Pot, Soporific Grease, or St. Calm them down with Trina’s Arrow, then release them while you fight the other.
  • Both can be parried and staggered, but not easy. Only try to dodge if you’re feeling brave or risk sniping your nose.
  • Pillars around the arena can be used for bulwark and protection – take advantage of them at every opportunity.
  • Usually you want to kill the Godskin Noble (the big one) first because he is more of a threat and can do more damage. It doesn’t matter though, and while the Apostle (the skinny one) does less damage, he’s also faster and attacks from a good range with little warning.
  • They each have a move where they rise into the air surrounded by black fire, and they will immediately fall back to create a shockwave. When you see it happen, walk away! The shockwave is short-range but damaging, and will knock players back to the ground, leaving them vulnerable to pursuit.
  • When the collective health bar is empty, the remaining Godskins die, regardless of their individual health.
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Alternatively, check out below for an explanation of how to deal with the two Godskins separately. Everything above applies to both, but each also has its own nuances listed below.

We’ve explained the Godskin Duo below as separate entities, so if you’re really struggling with one or just need to know what makes them tick, we’ve made it clear!

How to beat the Godskin Noble

Godskin Noble, a massive tank foe that can withstand most attacks and blows its players with its bulk, is by our reckoning the more dangerous of the two. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Noble’s most dangerous attack causes him to grow to a large size and attempt to roll over the player. He can’t turn sharply, so use this against him – side roll at the last second or try to run around him when his attack animation starts. You’ll probably have to dodge it at least twice as it rolls for a while.
  • Many of Godskin Noble’s more normal-looking attacks have some sort of surprise follow-up. If he attacks with his rapier, he will most likely deliver a blow or secondary stabbing without warning.
  • As a rule of thumb, you want to try to stay behind Noble whenever possible. Most of his attacks are forward and he can use a belly-kick move that comes on suddenly and badly confuses players.
  • Noble’s lack of maneuverability means you can use the poles against him nicely – ranged players should find him much more manageable, as he’s essentially a melee who struggles to close the gap if the player is determined to stay away from him.

How to defeat the Godskin Apostle

The skinny, supple Godskin Apostle is a distinctive beast, capable of whipping on the battlefield and fighting at medium range more than his mate. However, as an enemy it is a bit less robust and can’t dodge you as much as Noble can.

  • The Apostle has the ability to quickly stretch and use quick strokes with his twin blades. You have to think of him in “melee range” far beyond the standard limits.
  • It’s a little more convenient to use a shield against Godskin Apostle, whose quick hits won’t surprise you the way Noble can. Catch their first combo on your shield, then use the short gap before the next hit to roll.
  • If the envoy starts to spin his weapon, back off! These spinning attacks can destroy health if the player gets caught in them.
  • The Apostle can be removed from his animation more easily than Noble – feel free to play more aggressively if you think you might mess up the necessary evasion.
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Killing the Godskin Duo will reward you with 170,000 Rune (less than the Fire Giant, which is a shame), but even more interestingly, you’ll get the Black Flame Tornado Ash and the excellent Smithing. -Stone Miner Bell Bearing [4]The best Bell Bearing available for standard Smithing Stones! Even if this wasn’t a mandatory boss fight, you would still want to kill these guys just for this reward.

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