How long does it take to defeat Forspoken?

At first glance, “How long will it take to beat the Forspoken?” It may seem pretty simple, but it’s actually nothing more. Because the game is so open and rarely pushes the critical path, the answer can vary wildly depending on what exactly you decide to do in Athia’s fantasy world. However, to help arrive at a ballpark figure, we’ve put together some information to better understand how much time can be spent overall.

How long has Forspeak been?

Forspoken’s goal, at least initially, is to escape the world of Athia and return to New York. The main character, Frey Holland, often loudly proclaims this, even as terrible, deadly situations arise where the inhabitants of Athia ask her to help. There is also so much to do on the map that even short detours can add a few hours to the experience in the end.

In total, Forspoken is played across 12 different chapters of varying length and difficulty. I managed to complete the entire game in roughly 23 hours, but this was by no means trivial exploration. I’ve also seen people complete the game in as little as 16 hours, largely ignoring the appealing aspects of its open world, and that number is probably going further down, for example, by reducing the difficulty and focusing entirely on the critical path of the game. .

Beyond that, there are two more tangents to exactly how long the game is. While it took me 23 hours to roll the credits, the game itself actually continues beyond that with various areas and missions that were not available before beating the final boss. That way, Forspoken… never really ends. On the other hand, there is a binary selection that actually collects the credits right before the final episode, which only takes a small fraction of the time but is worth mentioning.

In other words, Forspoken will let you play until you get tired of doing it, but if you want to complete the critical path naturally, expect it to take about 22 to 23 hours.

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