How to get the Glintstone Key in Elden Ring for Raya Lucaria Academy

Elden Ring Glintstone Key opens the way to Raya Lucaria Academy, but it’s not in the east to find it thanks to a not-so-clear meeting place map. However, if you can’t find the Glintstone key or open the Raya Lucaria Academy door, your progress will come to a standstill.

Entering the Raya Lucaria Academy is a vital part of Elden Ring’s early storyline, leading to one of the Elden Ring main bosses you must fight. So finding the Glintstone Key is not something you can skip. Now we will tell you how to find the key, open the door and deal with the boss that you will find inside, which all this leads to. Everything starts with deciphering that meeting place map…

How to get the Glitter Stone Key for Raya Lucaria Academy in Elden Ring

The Raya Lucaria Academy is a hub for witchcraft in the Elden Ring, but it will require you to access Liurnia and find a Glintstone Key to get into it – as far as we know, there’s no access to the Academy as the building is effectively inside. magic deadlock.

Finding a Glintstone Key is very difficult (if not impossible) without a specific piece of information: the Meeting Place Map. Approaching the Academy from the south, you will come across a huge passage sealed with a blue magical seal, through which none of your spells or weapons can pass. However, there will also be a corpse leaning against it with an item called the Meeting Place Map. Depending on your controller, you can pick it up with the Square or X button and read it in your inventory.

Elden Ring Meeting Place Map announced

The Elden Ring meeting place map gives a very rough indication of where to look, a rough sketch of the local environment that is easy to misunderstand. However, we’ve marked exactly where you need to go on the map above – an unnamed rock outcrop on the lake west of the Academy. Get there in torrent, but be on the lookout for local enemies, including a huge new enemy…

Dealing with the Glintstone Dragon Smarag

We recommend approaching this rock from the south, but be careful. There’s a boss sleeping in front of you, probably the reason why the meeting was never held. This Sparklestone Dragon Smarag is a cursed creature even more powerful than the Swamp Dragon Agheel in Limgrave. Luckily you can get the Glow Stone Key without ever fighting Smarag – crouch and approach slowly, then walk back Into the space between Smarag and the rock. It will wake up as it gets closer, but that doesn’t mean it knows you’re there – as long as you’re behind Smarag, it should remain unaware.

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The Glintstone Key is on the back of Smarag, among many other items, on a corpse wearing a large bearded stone mask. Grab the key and go – you don’t need to fight Smarag, so either sneak away or take a break in Torrent. Come back to this fight later when you feel ready.

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