How do you change your appearance in Saints Row?

How to change your appearance in Saints Row and return to character customization and outfit change is all done via the phone. However, the character and outfit change options will not be fully unlocked from the beginning and we will explain how to unlock new outfits and on top of that, character options so you know how to change, change the look in Saints Row. Get back to character customization in your boss’s appearance and wardrobe whenever you want.

How to change appearance in Saints Row?

You can go to the Style app on the top row of the in-game phone to change your look in Saints Row to body, face, hair or clothes. Choosing this effectively lets you go back to full character customization like you experienced when creating your boss at the start of the game, and add wardrobe options to change your outfits – you don’t need to use any Saints Row fast travel to reach clothing stores or changing areas.

You can use the Style app to completely change every personal element of your character, including:

  • One hundred
  • Hair
  • Body
  • Laundry
  • Sound
  • expressions
  • Censorship options

You can customize your appearance at any time with no limitations, and your character’s appearance has no effect on stats or abilities – plus you can change your Saints Row Skills at any time. Saints Row emphasizes personalized bosses, so changing aspects of your character are always free and there are no restrictions in it. Just don’t make anything too terrible – the people of Santo Ileso have been through enough hell already, right? With Saints Row crossplay you can frighten your friends with the appearance of your boss and show off.

How to buy new clothes in Saints Row

The clothing options in Saints Row are pretty limited for a start, with a small selection of basic clothing and gear. Some outfits are awarded as quest rewards, side quest rewards, and Saints Row Ventures are unlocked, but most are purchased from in-game stores. It’s important to note that the clothes you see on sale will vary from store to store – they don’t all have the same stock and often reflect the store’s overall aesthetic.

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While there is much more in the game, including very small stores that offer niche products, here are some examples of the stores and the style of their stock:

  • Swole Hole: Gym and “sister” clothing
  • Buckaroo Leggings: Western and cowboy clothing
  • #trends: Fashionable, modern clothing

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