Historic launch: Atari 400 will have a smaller version with 25 games in memory

Retro Games, an icon in the history of video gameannounced that it will launch its first mini console this year.

The new device will be a tribute to the classic Atari 400, and the idea is to recreate it in a smaller format, with a small slot for cartridges. The console will also have a keyboard, in reference to the old model.

The launch is scheduled for March 2024. The new feature will be able to emulate several Atari 8-bit platforms, including the 400, 800, XL, XE and Atari 5200 models.

Another feature of the product is that it will follow a reproduction of the CX-40 control. The intention is to implement a new multifunctional button, capable of performing several tasks.

Memory games

Atari 400, a classic in video game history – Photo: Atari/Reproduction

Regarding games, know this: the Atari 400 mini will have a selection of 25 titles in memory. Among them, famous games stand out, such as ‘Berzerk’, ‘Lee’, ‘Millipede’ and ‘Star Raiders II’.

The console’s capabilities, however, are not limited to that. Players will be able to play any compatible game that is stored on a USB stick and that can be accessed via USB port from the console.

Mini Console Features

According to Retro Game, the Atari 400 Mini will have an HDMI connector, which will make it easier to run games with 720p resolution and refresh from 50 to 60 Hz.

It will have, in total, five USB ports. With this, it will be possible to use different accessories, controls and keyboards.

The games may be old, but the features of the Atari 400 mini model will be modern. It will have a save system at any point the player is at and will allow you to rewind up to 30 seconds of gameplay, play apps via USB and use non-original controls.

The launch announced by Retro Games, until then, only refers to the Europe. The console will arrive in European stores on March 28th this year, initially selling for £95 — something like R$590 in direct conversion.

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