Hideo Kojima may have given hints about the first PS6 game

Those passionate about electronic games were already expecting news from the first edition of ‘State of Play’ in 2024, mainly with the title ‘Death Stranding 2‘.

Even so, the audience was surprised by the length, quality and other elements of the material that Hideo Kojima presented at the event.

However, it is speculated that this may have been an advertisement aimed at nothing more, nothing less, than the Playstation 6 (PS6).

The aforementioned project is codenamed ‘Physhint’ and is seen as a type of successor to the well-known ‘Metal Gear Solid’ series, created in partnership with Sony, and can only be released for next generation consoles.

Could Hideo Kojima be targeting the PlayStation 6?

Hideo Kojima next to his company logo – Image: Kojima Productions/Reproduction

In a post recently made on one of his official profiles on and ‘OD’ with Xbox.

The tweet is accompanied by an aerial image of the structure of the Columbia Pictures studios, owned by Sony, and its content reveals that ‘Physint’ (working title) is a completely new spy and action story for the next generation.

“[O projeto] will be created with cutting-edge technology and the best talent from around the world, both in film and video games. Of course this is an interactive ‘game’, but the visuals, the story, the theme, the cast, the acting, the costumes, the sound, etc… are all on the next level of ‘Digital Entertainment’ that could be called ‘ film’”, adds Kojima on the social network.

Considering that Hideo is known for his visionary eye, the term ‘next generation’ added to the fact that his team will only be able to work more avidly on new games after the delivery of ‘OD’ (still undated) and ‘Death Stranding 2: On the Beach’ (2025), it wouldn’t be surprising if ‘Physint’ was only released between 2027 and 2030.

In fact, there are several speculations on social media, stating that the PS6 (PlayStation 6) will only come out in 2027 or 2028.

Therefore, Kojima’s statements give even more strength to the rumor that the spy game he and his employees are working on will be destined for the heir to the Playstation 5 (PS5).

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