Hackers who stole data from Capcom are finally located by Europol

After almost three years of one of the most notorious data leaks in the video game industry, the justice system has taken a significant step forward in seeking accountability. The group of hackers that attacked the Capcom in 2020, exposing confidential information from the Japanese gaming giant, he was finally arrested.

This development represents a milestone in the battle against cybercrime and highlights the importance of thorough investigations, in addition to international cooperation, in combating the threat posed by these attacks.

Hackers in the Capcom case are arrested after almost 3 years

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According to the website VideoGamesChronicleEuropol announced that, in a joint operation involving 11 countries, it managed to take down the Ragnar Locker ransomware group.

One leader was the group’s main target and was arrested in Paris. Furthermore, his home in the Czech Republic was searched. Additionally, five suspects in Spain and Latvia were interrogated.

The head of Europol’s European Cybercrime Center, Edvardas Šileris, commented:

“This investigation shows that, once again, international cooperation is the key to taking down ransomware groups. Prevention and security are improving, but ransomware operators continue to innovate and find new victims.”

Remember the case

In November 2020, Capcom, a large gaming company games, was the target of a cyber attack by a group of hackers called “Ragnar Locker”. This attack resulted in the leak of sensitive data, including financial information, game release plans, and personal employee data.

You hackers They demanded a ransom, threatening to release the data if they were not paid. Capcom refused to pay the ransom and took measures to contain the leak. This data breach affected 16,415 people, compromising financial information and sales reports.

Furthermore, the leaked data included a game list unannounced, planned for the coming years, revealing the company’s projects in an unauthorized way.

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