‘GTA 6’ in Portuguese: AI dubbing surprises fans of the franchise

Recently, the gaming community was buzzing with expectations and speculation about the possibility of ‘GTA 6‘ receive a dub in Portuguese.

Although Rockstar Games has not officially confirmed the version in our language, an artificial intelligence (AI) tool called ‘Speech Lab’ has emerged to satisfy fans’ curiosity.

‘GTA 6’ trailer in Portuguese

Game ‘GTA 6’. – Image: Rockstar/Reproduction

The discussion around voice acting is always intense, as it adds an extra layer of immersion to gaming experiences.

After all, who wouldn’t want to explore the intricate narratives of ‘Grand Theft Auto’ with familiar voices and authentic dialogue?

The revelation of the possible trailer dubbed in Portuguese was shared by the ‘Closer Brasil’ account on social media. After passing the file through the program, the result was impressive.

The video features the voices of Lucia and Jason, central characters in the game, with an intonation that reveals emotion and realism. Check out!

Trailer for ‘GTA 6’ dubbed into Portuguese by AI – Video: YouTube/Reproduction

It is interesting to note that, to achieve the desired result, the process had to be repeated several times, adjusting the interpretation of artificial intelligence.

The most recent video, released by the page, shows the most refined version of the experiment, arousing curiosity and excitement among fans.

In the comments, the reaction was diverse. Many franchise enthusiasts expressed their excitement, imagining what it would be like if the franchise itself Rockstar adopted the idea.

Although there were specific criticisms regarding the use of artificial intelligence in the ‘GTA 6’ trailer, positive comments predominated.

Apparently, even after the translation of the lines is carried out by the tool, additional edits are still necessary to improve the final result. You liked?

In addition, other versions of the possible trailer were presented, some with modifications and different voices.

One of them even explored the combination of AI with dubbing performed by real people, further raising the level of realism in the gaming experience. game.

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