GTA 5 Stunt Jumps locations and where to find all the ramps

Knowing where to find all the GTA 5 Stunt Jumps is the best way to instantly look cool because hitting someone will slow time down in slow motion with cinematic camera angles to showcase your driving skills. Or a terrible high-speed crash, depending on how you hit the ramp. They can also help dodge a high-speed chase in a pinch. Let’s say you know where someone is when you’re speeding down the highway in GTA 5.

That said, if you’re after achievements with downloading all 50 GTA 5 Stunt Jumps, these landings should be excellent. This guide will at least take the job out of finding them so you can concentrate on driving. You might also need a little help, as some ramps are obvious from miles away, even at speed, while others are subtle and surprising options for slow motion victory. Whether you’re after the Show Off trophy or achievement, or just want to get some air, all the GTA 5 Stunt Jumps in the game are here for your gravity-godifying enjoyment.

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GTA 5 Stunt Jumps in North Blaine County

1: The construction site in Paleto Bay will have a small dirt ramp that you can drive to. Make sure you land in the parking lot to complete the jump.

2: Head west along the beach and there will be a small road. Follow north or south and you’ll come to a broken wooden bridge next to the parachute pier. Jump into any vehicle.

3: This ramp is called “Mr. Philips” mission. When driving, you will be told to take a short drive by turning left. Do this and that will be the jump.

4: In Raton Canyon, follow the mountain road until you come to the south of the 4 parachute points on the map. When you’re in that area, look for the ramp in the picture and make sure you have yourself a bike. Drive on the trail and hit the left side of the ramp to cross the gap and go down the trail on the other side.

5: Head towards the lighthouse but before you get any closer, there will be a big house there. Take any vehicle you want and drive up from the right side of the house and smash the barrier there. Jump off the cliff and you will need to land next to the lighthouse to complete it.

GTA 5 Stunt Jumps in South Blaine County

6: For this jump, you’ll need to jump over the motel in Sandy Shores. Just north of the motel there will be a ramp that you have to crash into with a fast motorcycle. Evacuate the motel and go down to the pool or cross it to clear.

7: Head to the small building just south of Sandy Shore airport and stand at the top of the road to it. Turn around and head south and up the lower ramp and over the big white boulder there.

8: Drive south of the prison and towards the cliff facing it. Get off the ramp and go down inside the prison.

9: Head south on the Senora Highway and take the upper route. Drive to the left side of the road and into the dirt. Just before the overpass, hit the ramp and go down.

10: At the west-facing wind farm, go to a dead end. There is a ramp with a windmill in the middle. Take the left side and go over the train and down the highway below.

GTA 5 Stunt Jumps in Northern Los Santos

11: Go down the steep slope to the north of the road and jump over it to get down safely.

12: Go to Vinewood Hills and the corner of Mad Wayne Thunder Dr. and look for the house with the barriers to the right.

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13: Head to Los Santos Golf Course and go to the small bridge located in the southeast corner. Jump over the bridge, preferably in a golf cart.

14: Head to Rockford Hills and take the west subway entrance. Go up the ramp on the right marked “Entrance” and go over the subway entrance. To succeed, go down to the street on the other side.

15: On the corner of Milton Rd. and there’s Boulevard Del Perro, a large building with a pretty narrow opening. To complete the jump you will need to drive the car and go down the street from the other side. Get a motorcycle to make this jump infinitely easier.

16: Head west on Skip St. and take the top ramp inside Rockford Plaza and jump the bend when you turn out.

17: Pass by the Pier building at the top of the hill just north of Del Perro Beach and go down to the gas station.

18: Head west along Bay City Ave and turn left onto the grass from the orange posts on the left. Keep going until you reach the ramp and hop down to the highway below.

19: Look for this ramp at the ground level of the Del Perro highway. Once you realize it, you’ll have to jump from it and land on the other side of the highway. Beware of oncoming traffic though!

20: You can find this jump on the Del Perro overpass next to and north of the west-facing Arcadius building.

At 21: Elgin Ave, to the right of the Pillbox hospital entrance, use a motorbike or franklin’s skill, because the gap in the guardrail is too small to squeeze.

22: At the circular overpass of the Del Perro highway, jump off the sheet metal ramp to descend along the water below as you cross over the aqueducts below.

23: At Pillbox hill, go to the roof of the red park building and there will be a beer sign on the roof to use as a ramp. You’ll need a fast car or bike to clear the small building below after you jump.

24: Vespucci Blvd. when you reach the junction. and Power St., go slowly through the hole in the rail because if you go too fast you will overturn your car.

25: Head to Decker St. in Little Seoul and look for the big pagoda jump that crosses the pagoda from its east side.

26: There will be barriers blocking a sidewalk on the west side, just south of the Weazel news building on Calias Ave. Pass and continue west to jump straight ahead. Gain some speed east from the street as you have to go out onto the street.

27: Head to Elgin Ave and there will be a parking ramp between Ammu-nation and the Wisdahl Hotel. Go up on the right and when you reach the top, there will be a ramp right in front of you. Go slow and go down the street.

GTA 5 Stunt Jumps in Southwest Los Santos

28: Drive south on the La Puerta motorway and take the highest part of the road that curves to the east. Right at the bend, there will be a sheet metal ramp that allows you to climb onto the closed ramp at the bottom of the highway.

29: Hop off the ramp in Little Seoul onto the La Puerta highway and look for the sheet metal ramp at the intersection. To clear the jump, simply jump over the road and land on the ramp on the other side.

30: Head onto Dutch London St. and head east onto the grass towards the big rainbow colored sign. Go under the train bridge and there will be a small ramp right in front of you. Jump over any vehicle as the jump is small and you will complete it.

31: For this jump, you’ll want to use Franklin’s skill to give you an extra speed boost. Head to the aqueduct north of the Maze arena and then head west. You’ll come to a left-hand ramp and when you hit it fast enough you’ll jump over three bridges and land on the helipad. Go straight off the ramp to make sure you hit the right helipad.

32: This jump is pretty simple to get down to. Simply hit the left side ramp and make sure you land on the road next to you.

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33: At the airport, you can find this ramp south of a parking lot. To complete the jump you will need a fast car that will take you to the top of the parking lot.

34: As in the previous jump, you will need to dash up the left-hand ramp and then land directly in the small parking lot in front of the ramp.

35: Go to the east airport runway entrance, there will be a small ramp on the right. If Dom is blocking the ramp there, complete your mission and then return to the ramp. You’ll need to jump off the ramp and clear the gate for the jump to count.

GTA 5 Stunt Jumps in Southeast Los Santos

36: At the junkyard and oil field, go to the top cliff and there will be a ramp near a pipeline. Just take off and land safely to complete the jump.

37: On Little Big Horn Ave, just across the bridge from the garment factory Lester uses, there is a boat shop to the south. There is a green ramp in the parking lot that you need to descend to get to the highway above.

38: Head south of the shipyard and when you get inside go west. At the far end there will be a small ramp. Just jump in and land on the other side of the water.

39: There is a parking lot at the corner of MacDonald St. and the train tracks Go to the top floor and then off the wooden ramp to the street below.

40: Go to the top floor of the Medical Center 3-storey car park and you will see a ramp on the south side. Launch it and head down the street below to succeed.

41: Go to Chum St. and go to the parking lot north of the resort there. There will be a lump of earth at the eastern end of the plot. To get this jump, you’ll need to climb the ramp from the dirt pile and land on the bridge on the left. It’s not a hard jump if you’re riding a motorcycle, but driving a car will have you turning and turning every time. To count the jump, lower your bike past the first set of arrows on the bridge.

42: A few splashes inside the Coke Depot in Bristol. It is located in the south on the east side. You will have to jump off the ramp with the trailer and descend to the top of the building in front of you. Bring a fast car to complete.

43: North of the previous jump, there will be another trailer with ramps. Zoom in with a very fast car and you will have to get down to the parking lot on the other side of the water.

44: Directly east of the last jump, this trailer ramp will have you launching your car onto the highway above. Again, bring a fast car for this.

45: For this jump, you need to land on the roof of the building to the left of the ramp and land below the roof, almost near the end, for it to be considered a successful jump.

46: At the south end of the pier, on the west side, next to Walker Logistics, there is another ramp pointing slightly left. Use a motorcycle to jump and all you have to do is land safely on the roof.

47: Look for this ramp towards the north end on the east side of the courtyard. When you hit the ramp, try to turn a little to the left to make the descent easier.

48: At the northeast end of the quay there is a ramp between the train tracks to the north and the Elysian Fields Highway to the south. It’s a long jump, so be sure to use plenty of room to increase speed.

49: From the concrete ramp next to the big ship in the terminal. Just jump over the water and the highway.

50: When you enter the terminal, look left at the bend on the southbound road and there you can see the dirt pile ramp opposite the blue containers. Run down the ramp on a fast bike, because a car turns over and jump over the traffic lanes to the Jetsam Terminal parking lot.

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