GoldenEye 007: the cult game returns to Nintendo Switch and Xbox on January 27, 2023

Released on the Nintendo 64 in 1997, GoldenEye 007 has become a cult game and mainstay of FPS or first-person shooter games over the years. Since then, a possible rollback issue has popped up many times. The rare game was supposed to return to the Xbox 360 in 2008, but rights and licensing issues delayed the deadline.

Online multiplayer only on Switch

On the other hand, it will be necessary to do without the online multiplayer mode. And yes, this feature is exclusive to the Switch version of the game. in return, hybrid console is content to present the original version of the game. In fact, you won’t find the improvements mentioned above.

Also note that GoldenEye 007 is only available through Nintendo Switch Online and the Add-on Pack, which lets you enjoy a catalog of classics from the N64 and Mega Drive.

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