Fortnite Burner Pay Phones: How to use it to turn up the heat?

Fortnite Burner Payphones is your direct hotline to the Cold Blooded syndicate, if that doesn’t contradict the terms. By doing a search and spending some bars, you can quickly raise your Fortnite Heat Level to the next tier, increasing your perks while also making you a more visible target for syndicate vagrants and other players. You’ll need to use them specifically for one of the Fortnite Most Wanted missions, but if you need to raise your Heat it’ll help you know where they are in general, so here’s where to find Burner Payphones in Fortnite and how to do it. use them.

Where are Burner Payphones in Fortnite?

Burner Payphones in Fortnite are available in each of the key locations listed, along with a few notable landmarks below:

  • Anvil Square
  • Breakwater Cove
  • Brutal Bastion
  • Castle
  • Cold Cavern (Northwest of the Brutal Bastion)
  • Faulty Partitions
  • crazy areas
  • Humble Hamlet (south of Faulty Splits)
  • Solo Labs
  • Rocky Docks (west of Shattered Slabs)
  • Shredded Sheets
  • slapped shores

We’ve marked all Fortnite Burner Payphone locations on the map here so you’ll know where to find them. As you get closer, you’ll see a phone icon on your map and sometimes you can hear it ring, so use these tips to guide you to the right place.

How to Increase Your Heat Level Using a Fortnite Burner Payphone

To increase your Heat Level using Fortnite Payphone with Burner, simply approach the unit and then interact with it. You will be presented with a prompt asking if you want to Increase the Heat Level and if you accept this you will move on to the next level for 500 bar. If you have gold, you can do this several times in a row, but each Burner Payphone can be used up to 10 times during a match.

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