Florida Joker demands $10 million for alleged appearance in ‘GTA 6’

The controversial real-life character Lawrence Sullivan, better known as the ‘Florida Joker‘, has been persistent in its attempts to get money from Rockstar Games.

He claims that his image was used as inspiration for a character present in the reveal trailer for the highly anticipated ‘GTA 6’.

What started with a demand of US$2 million evolved into US$5 million, now, the man has increased his request to the amount of US$10 million, justifying his demand based on “pain and suffering” after the alleged appearance on the video.

Financial compensation for unexpected repercussions

Although previous attempts had no effect, Sullivan decided to expand his approach, threatening, in a TikTok video, to collaborate with a hacker to access Rockstar data. He mentions the desire to purchase a notebook to “steal data again” from the company.

His stance has been marked by irritation, expressing his frustration with the sudden fame brought to him by the supposed recognition in ‘GTA 6‘, as exemplified by his complaint about being constantly approached while eating.

Joker from Florida reported in a video on TikTok the demands for Rockstar – Image: Rockstar and TikTok/Reproduction

However, the reaction of the community and even individuals linked to the video game industry was ironic in the face of Sullivan’s allegations. Roger Clark, known for playing Arthur Morgan in ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’, was one of those who spoke out.

On his social networks, the actor responded to the Florida Joker, indicating that Rockstar Games would not be willing to dialogue and suggesting that Sullivan capitalize on his new fame in another way, citing the difficulties he could face in the job market.

While the clash between Lawrence Sullivan and the Rockstar Games continues, ‘GTA 6’ remains in development, promising to be one of the most anticipated releases in the video game industry, while bringing with it unexpected controversies.

The game is scheduled to be released exclusively for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2025, expanding the saga of the renowned ‘Grand Theft Auto’ franchise.

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