FIFA 22 Captains Team 1 releases new Ben Yedder and Reus cards

FIFA 22 Captains Team 1 heralds a truly new campaign in Ultimate Team. Celebrating the best captains at club and country level means new FIFA 22 cards for the likes of Marco Reus, Clint Dempsey and now even more meta-meta Wissam Ben Yedder. FIFA 22 Captains Team 2 will add more players on Friday, April 15th, and there are also target challenges and SBCs. Below we explain how the promotion works and fill you up with the full FIFA 22 Captains card list.

How does the FIFA 22 Captains promotion work?

Captains is a spinoff of the FIFA 22 Heroes card set that launched this season, offering old-fashioned players who fall slightly behind FIFA 22 Icon status. However, while all Heroes cards represent past greats, the Captains promotion also includes modern-day players like Villa defender Tyrone Mings (CB, 90) and West Ham midfielder Jamie Noble (CM, 89).

The four players that have appeared so far gain a certain ‘Hero Captain’ status. These are Antonio Di Natale (ST, 93), Diego Milito (ST, 93), Freddie Ljungberg (LM, 92), and Clint Dempsey (CAM, 91). As with Heroes, they are tied to a particular league, but with an occasional change: some of these leagues differ from those on the first Heroes cards. So even though Milito was initially relegated to Serie A, his new gear turns things into La Liga Santander.

Who is in FIFA 22 Captains Team 1?

The promotion’s start date is Friday, April 8, with 15 items dropped into the packs. In addition to the above names like Ljungberg and Demspey, we also scored Marco Reus (CF, 93), Wissam Ben Yedder (ST, 92) and Hugo. Lloris (GK, 92). These items will replace their usual cards in packs until Friday, April 15.

Of today’s players, Ben Yedder is the most expensive with 1.5 million coins. Working on a budget? Instead, target current Cologne captain Jonas Hector (CDM, 87) for 21,000 coins.

FIFA 22 Captains Team 2 leak?

While social media leaks have been regular throughout this season, EA has done a hard job keeping future FUT Captains cards private. We know Team 2 will launch on Friday, April 15, but any details beyond that fact are just rumors.

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The Hero item he most wishes to be promoted to Captain status belongs to David Ginola, whose 89-point standard card still sells 278,000 coins. However, Ginola has rarely captained any of the club sides – which would have made a new card weak at best in this campaign.

Are there any FIFA 22 Captains goals?

Yeah! You can earn the FUT Captains version of the Borussia Mönchengladbach amulet, Lars Stindl, by completing in-game missions. It is 89 rated and requires you to complete four sets of Goals in a Live FUT Friendliness: Selected match type – such as winning four matches or scoring two volleys.

A second target challenge is expected on Friday, April 15. We will share the details here as soon as they are published.

How about FIFA 22 Captains SBC?

Every major FUT campaign includes some type of SBC (Squad Building Challenge), and Captains follow that trend. The first one fell on Friday, April 8, and is for Spanish winger Joaquin. His new 92-point card also includes 91 tempo, 94 passes and 92 dribbling. To win this you need to submit three different SBC squads based on Spain, La Liga and an 82-rated TOTW player. We will share details of other SBCs when Team 2 arrives on Friday, April 15th.

Is this the last set of possible FIFA 22 Heroes upgrades?

Not necessarily. To EA for an answer to this: “Additional versions may be available. [of Heroes] made available as part of certain FUT 22 campaigns and programs.” The tactic of teasing…

Where can I see the full list of FIFA 22 Captains?

We’ve put it together for you below. As of Saturday, April 9, here is the full list of FIFA 22 Captains:

  • Antonio Di Natale (ST, Serie A) – 93
  • Diego Milito (ST, La Liga) – 93
  • Marco Reus (CF, Dortmund) – 93
  • Freddie Ljungberg (LM, Premier League) – 92
  • Joaquin (RM, Real Betis) – 92 (SBC only)
  • Hugo Lloris (GK, Tottenham) – 92
  • Fabio Quagliarella (ST, Sampdoria) – 92
  • Wassim Ben Yedder (ST, Monaco) – 92
  • Lorenzo Insigne (Left, Napoli) – 92
  • Clint Dempsey (CAM, MLS) – 91
  • Tyrone Mings (CB, Aston Villa) – 90
  • Lars Stindl (CAM, M’gladbach) – 89 [Objectives only]
  • Mark Noble (CM, West Ham) – 89
  • Iker Muniain (CAM, Athletic Bilbao) – 89
  • Christian Gunter (LB, SC Freiberg) – 88
  • Leo Dubois (RB, OL) – 87
  • Jonas Hector (CDM, Cologne) – 87
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