Epic Games announces initiative to attract old games; know more

Competition between online game stores is heating up, and the Epic Games is taking a bold step to earn its place in the hearts of gamers.

With the “Now On Epic” program, the company seeks to attract creators of old games to bring their titles to the platform, offering an incredible advantage: 100% of game revenues will go to developers.

An irresistible offer for developers

The “Now On Epic” program represents a significant change in Epic’s revenue structure. While the company usually offers developers 88% of revenue and retain 12% for itself, this initiative aims to reverse this division.

For the first six months, creators who join the program will receive 100% of the revenue from user spending. These amounts must be invested in specific products offered by the Epic Games Store.

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This bold proposal from Epic specifically targets older game creators, with the aim of revitalizing titles that may have been forgotten. A hope is that this change in revenue sharing encourages developers to rescue old games and bring them to the Epic Games Store.

Criteria to participate

Game developers interested in taking advantage of this offer must commit to releasing at least three games that were released before October 31 and are currently available on other PC game stores or included in third-party subscription services. For those who don’t own three games, Epic allows them to commit to “bringing all products that are active.”

The program also offers a generous deadline: creators can apply until December 31, 2024, and all eligible products must be released on the Epic Games Store by June 30, 2025.

Competition with Steam

Steam is known for its vast game library, which includes many older titles. Epic’s strategy of attracting old games appears to be a move to rival the giant Valve, although many users already have their collections organized in the Steam.

However, the promise of giving developers 100% of the revenue could be a great incentive to rescue forgotten games, creating a tempting proposition for gamers.

Competition in the digital games market has never been fiercer, and gamers can prepare to reap the benefits as more older games find a new home on the Epic Games Store. It will be an exciting journey for game fans and developers alike as platforms compete to deliver the best experiences.

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