End of an era: Magic will no longer receive content in Portuguese

Wizards of the Coast, responsible for the popular card game ‘Magic: The Gathering‘, surprised Brazilian players by announcing significant changes to product languages ​​from 2024 onwards, resulting in the end of content production in Portuguese.

The measure will affect the Brazilian community and other languages, such as Chinese, due to increased costs and changes in global demand for Magic.

Despite this, support continues

The decision of the Wizards of the Coast will be implemented after the release of ‘Modern Horizons 3’ and ‘Bloomburrow’.

The company justified the change, highlighting that ‘Magic’ is a global game and seeks to be as accessible as possible, but needs to deal with rising costs and changes in global trends.

The measure will also affect the Chinese community, which will no longer have material produced in the coming months.

In a statement, the company assured that the decision does not reflect an assessment of the passion of these communities and that it will continue to support local and regional gaming opportunities in these areas.

However, growth in these regions has not kept pace with rising costs.

Company guarantees support for the game in Portuguese – Image: Adobe Stock/Reproduction

Positive news for Brazilian players is that ‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’, the digital version of the game, will maintain support for the Portuguese language.

This will ensure that players in these regions can still enjoy the game in their native language. The exception is the Russian audience, who will lose support in ‘Modern Horizons 3’.

Additionally, production of promotional packages for ‘Outlaws of Thunder Junction’ will undergo changes. Initially available in several languages, starting from ‘Bloomburrow’, they will only be produced in English and Japanese.

The company has assured that this change will not affect the availability of these packs for Wizards Play Network stores around the world, which will continue to receive them.

Despite the changes, the company guarantees that it will remain committed to providing a high-quality gaming experience for ‘Magic’ fans around the world, adapting to market demands and ensuring support where necessary.

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