Elden Ring Millicent questline and locations revealed

The Elden Ring Millicent questline is one of the longest and most complex questlines in the game, with locations throughout the map that will have you finding Miquella’s Needle, an incredibly valuable item that could save you from an unwanted fate. Elden Ring questlines are rarely intuitive or easily explained, but this is one of the biggest and most complex (not to mention the most compelling) quests in the game. That’s why we’ve explained here how to complete Millicent’s questline and find all of her locations in the Elden Ring, so you can get away with the precious Miquella’s Needle.

Millicent questline guide for Elden Ring

Millicent’s quest will take you all over the Elden Ring (at least if you want to pick up the precious Miquella’s Needle), including entering optional areas in the late game and even encountering Malenia, the toughest boss fight in the game. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide on where to go below, along with all of Millicent’s locations on the map above and what you can do to complete the incredibly long questline. Also, because the key locations are so close together and we don’t want anyone to get confused, we’ve put together more detailed information about the Caelid and Haligtree districts below. Good luck, Tarnished!

  1. Before you go to find Millicent, meet Gowry at the small cottage located in Wizarding Town (central Caelid), just south of Sellia. He will ask you to bring him an Alloy Gold Needle.
  2. Head to the Aeonia Marsh, especially the area on the Southeast side. There will be a boss fight with Commander O’Neil – kill him and get the Unalloyed Gold Needle as a reward.
  3. When you’re done, head back to Gowry and give him the Needle, then fast travel/pass time at a nearby Grace Estate. When he gets back, he’ll have it fixed.
  4. Take it to Millicent, located in the Plague Church in the East and guarded by a few fearsome shrimp human enemies. Give him the needle, then rest/fast travel again and exhaust his dialogue.
  5. Relax/fast travel once again and return to Gowry’s Shack. Talk to Millicent and exhaust her dialogue again.
  6. Head to the Altus Plateau, just north of the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace and south of Wyndham Ruins. Millicent looks out over the abyss – consuming her dialogue again.
  7. Go to the Shadowy Castle and retrieve the Valkyrie’s Prosthetic in a treasure chest guarded by a Cleanrot Knight on the Northwest side. Bring him back to Millicent and talk to him more. At this point, if you’re going to talk to him, have him say everything he has.
  8. Go to Dominula Village and defeat the Godskin Apostle boss fight. After reloading the area it will be in the arena. Speak to complete as usual.
  9. Millicent then makes a significant jump to Grace, the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site, in the Mountaintops of the Giants, so you must have defeated Morgott the Omen King to reach this area. Talk to him as usual – you’re almost there (sort of).
  10. Millicent is then found in the optional endgame Haligtree area in North Consecrated Snowgrounds. Specifically, it’s in the Grace Prayer Room Area, about halfway through the area.
  11. Head down until you find the Drainage Channel Site of Grace, then head back up the ladder to the cavernous area and go left until you find the Ulcerated Tree Spirit – technically not a boss fight, but brutal nonetheless. Kill the Tree Spirit, then reload the field. Now there will be two callsigns on the ground, one inviting you to Help Millicent and one to fight him.
  12. If you choose to help Millicent, you’ll work with her to kill four NPCs with a variety of weapons, with the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia Talisman (which increases damage on consecutive attacks) as a reward. Otherwise, you’ll fight him directly for Millicent’s Prosthetic Talisman, which increases Dexterity by five while doing the same. If you want Miquella’s Needle, you must choose to help her. When you’re done, Millicent will soon be dying. Talk to him one last time to retrieve the Unalloyed Golden Needle again and finish the questline.
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This will get you through the sum of Millicent’s questline, but technically this isn’t the end. There is still a boss fight and potential reward to be gained from the results of this larger mission.

How to get Miquella’s Needle

When you get the Unalloyed Gold Needle back from Millicent at the end of your quest, you’re one step away from turning it into Miquella’s Needle – the problem is, it’s a very difficult step. Continue on from the Drainage Channel Site of Grace down Haligtree and you’ll eventually reach the Malenia arena, one of the hardest bosses in the game.

You need to kill Malenia. Doing so will leave behind a large red flower that, when interacted with, transforms your Unalloyed Golden Needle into Miquella’s Needle (and you’ll get a Gloomy Ancient Dragon Mooring Stone, which isn’t bad at all). Note that this is a one-off, one-of-a-kind move for a unique item.

How to beat Malenia boss fight

Killing Malenia is a serious challenge. This legendary demigod swordsman doesn’t have a lot of health, but all of his attacks have lifesteal, and each time he hits a target (even summons), he restores his life points. It also has plenty of high-damage attacks in both its first and second stages, including a series of sword strikes that could kill most players if not avoided. We recommend that you play aggressively and unshielded in stage 1, try to stun him as much as possible, then get defensive in stage 2, especially considering that he can apply Scarlet Rot.

Explained how to use Miquella’s Needle

Miquella’s Stinger is a consumable designed to have a single function – if a player has locked themselves in the Wild Flame End by making a deal with Three Fingers under Leyndell, Miquella’s Stinger will cancel that action forever and will still result in normal endings. there is only one place to be used, the arena of the Dragonlord Placidusax, which is a boss fight in Crumbling Farum Azula.

To find it, go to the Greatbridge Site of Grace, go down the elevator and enter the courtyard through the chapel, then jump off a small ledge from the West edge and follow the stone path into a giant tornado. In front of you will be a large stone ring with a hollow inside – approaching will lead you to the “Yacht”. Do this and you’ll pass through a cinematic where time has reversed and you’re sent into an arena with the two-headed Dragonlord (don’t worry, it won’t attack until you get close).

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Use Miquella’s Needle anywhere in this arena before or after killing Dragonlord Placidusax. It will effectively “cure” you from the Wild Flame End, then destroy the Needle and you will know it worked because your eyes will no longer have the fiery red color while still burned. You can’t make a deal with Three Fingers again after this, so make sure you don’t want this finale. Melina won’t be back either, even after she’s healed herself – after all, how will she know she’s gone through all this chaos?

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