EA Increases Play prices, bill will hurt wallet

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When we think of subscription video game catalogs, we usually think of Xbox Game Pass. But Microsoft’s formula isn’t the only one on the market. Notably, Sony has joined PlayStation Plus, which works more or less the same way. Some publishers even have their own subscriptions, like Ubisoft with its Ubisoft+ service. According to the same principle, EA also offers EA Play, a subscription that gives access to all its games for a few euros a month.

But all these nice people have increased their prices in recent months. While Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation were the first to resolve this situation, Ubisoft was the last to announce the news. Suffice it to say that we don’t expect EA to be the exception to this rule. We were not wrong. The publisher finally announced the news yesterday: prices for subscription plans will increase starting May 10. As expected, the bill is quite hefty.

EA Play will be much more expensive starting May 10

Here are the new EA Play prices that will be valid as of May 10:

  • Standard EA Game: €5.99 per month/€39.99 per year (compared to €3.99 per month and €24.99 per year)
  • EA Play Pro: €16.99 per month/€119.99 per year (compared to €14.99 per month and €99.99 per year)

Therefore, EA increased the bill by €15 and €20 in its two-year plan, which is not a figure that can be ignored. However, please note that the offer remains relatively attractive compared to competitors. For comparison, Ubisoft+ costs €7.99 per month and €17.99 per month on its two plans. Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus cost more, but their catalogs are much larger and updated more frequently.

Finally, note that this increase will be valid starting May 10 for already subscribed players, but if you subscribe today the new prices will already apply. If you’re hesitating, remember that an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription also gives you access to the standard EA Play plan, which could be a lot more interesting.

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