Duke Nukem Forever: Excerpts from the E3 2001 release appear online

Another cult game is making headlines online, as Sega recently announced that Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio will be returning soon. If you are an experienced gamer, you must know Duke Nukem forever. Title originally developed by 3D Realms (before it was taken over by Gearbox Software) one of the most famous Arles women in video games. We had to wait for good reason 14 years old Confiscation of Duke Nukem Forever in 2011.

Not surprisingly, the title was a brutal disappointment for fans and the press alike. The game paid the price for its chaotic development, with outdated design, narrative, graphics and gameplay mechanics, a thousand miles away from the quality standard of the time. Yet, and before I leave this hellish development, The 3D Realms teams showcased a promising version of their work at E3 2001.

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Duke’s creator confirms the authenticity of the quotes

This version of the game was thought to have been permanently removed after team changes and multiple project revisions. However, a hacker named “xOr” has yet to Post footage and gameplay footage from this build on 4Chan. He assures us that these are indeed excerpts from this version presented by 3D Realms at the international video game expo in 2001.

Gerard Broussard, creator of Duke Nukem and lead project lead on many of Forever’s developments, confirmed on Twitter. the pictures were realbut especially when he stated that he did not want to revive the memories of this painful time.

In the excerpts, we can see in particular the Duke flourishing in the grip of a fire in a strip club. FPS unravels JV’s most politically inaccurate hero, dozens of SWAT or special forces members. When we quickly see the weapon selection screen, we also notice the presence of an EGO counter that fills up when you kill enemies. xOr guarantees that this version of the game has the source code.Alongside the game’s level editor, it plans to distribute them on the web to be made available to fans in June 2022. As a reminder, cult games Max Payne 1 and 2 will soon be the subject of remakes.

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Source : PCGamer