‘Dragon Ball Sparking Zero’: absence of split screen is explained by the producer

‘Fans’Dragon Ball‘ eagerly await the arrival of ‘Dragon Ball Sparking Zero’, the highly popular sequel to the fighting game franchise.

However, recent news may leave part of the community upset: the game will not feature split-screen mode, as revealed by producer Jun Furutani during a live broadcast on Sofian Le Geek’s channel.

Unexpected news from the new ‘Dragon Ball’ game

Furutani addressed several relevant topics regarding the upcoming title, but it was the information about the absence of local multiplayer mode that caught fans’ attention.

According to the producer, the decision not to include split screen is due to the policies of Sony and Microsoft, manufacturers of the PS5 and Xbox Series, respectively.

Furutani explained that these companies would be imposing difficulties in introducing the function, possibly as a strategy to boost sales of their consoles in the market.

The producer did not confirm whether this decision is final, indicating that it is still under negotiation. However, he highlighted that brands show resistance to split-screen mode.

This means that, for now, players will not be able to enjoy traditional local multiplayer, sharing the screen with friends or family while engaging in exciting clashes in ‘Dragon Ball Sparking Zero‘.

Game trailer shows Goku versus Vegeta – Video: YouTube/Reproduction

Despite this discouraging news for some, the game promises to make up for it with a robust roster of approximately 164 fighters, as revealed in the latest updates.

A Bandai Namcothe title’s developer, has not yet released a release date, leaving fans eager for the opportunity to experience the graphical and mechanical improvements offered by Unreal Engine 5.

As more information about ‘Dragon Ball Sparking Zero’ is revealed, fans remain expectant and excited to explore what the game has in store for the ‘Dragon Ball’ community.

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