Don’t miss the post-credits scene of ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’: surprises in store!

[Atenção! Este texto contém spoilers de “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2”.]

The release of “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2”, the long-awaited Spider-Man game produced by Insomniac, took place just a few days ago and is already being hailed as a huge success.

In addition to being a worthy sequel to the acclaimed 2018 title, the game is flooding the internet with gameplay details, step by step exploration of the plot and videos that reveal the game’s secrets.

With this flood of content, post-credits scenes, often full of clues and surprises, quickly spread across social media.

‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’ post-credits scene has a surprise!

Image: Reproduction

In an unforgettable scene, we follow Miles as he finally discovers the identity of the man who was seeing his mother, Rio. This man is none other than Albert Moon. However, he is not alone. Albert Moon introduces us to Cindy, his daughter.

Although we don’t see Cindy in full in the scene, the mention of her name is enough to get comic book fans excited.

In the world of Spider-Man, Cindy Moon is known by her secret identity, Silk, who acquired her powers after being bitten by the same spider that gave Peter Parker abilities, transforming him into the Spider man.

This interesting revelation in the post-credits scene of “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” raises several intriguing questions. Fans have been wondering if the third game in the series, “Spider-Man 3”, will feature a trio of playable superheroes, with Peter, Miles and Cindy joining forces to face incredible threats.

The prospect of an epic encounter between the three characters captured the imagination of fans, fueling their expectations regarding the future of the Spider-Man universe in video games.

Players can expect more thrills and thought-provoking adventures on the horizon as the world of video games Spider-Man continues to expand and evolve.

The future promises to be bright and full of surprises, which leaves fans eager to see how this epic story unfolds in Spider-Man 3.

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