Don’t miss it! Exclusive pre-sales of the PS5 Slim have already started in Brazil; see the price

O PlayStation 5 Slim appears as the perfect opportunity for gaming enthusiasts who want to experience the unparalleled gameplay provided by the renowned Sony brand, without compromising their budget.

The price of the new PS5 is also ‘slim’, making it irresistible for those looking to enjoy the latest gaming technology at a considerably more affordable price.

PS5 Slim Limited Edition

A distinct feature of PS5 Slim is the presence of limited editions, making it an exclusive and desired item for video game aficionados.

Only the most agile and attentive will be able to secure their unit of this special version of the PS5, further elevating its status among players.

A Sonyrecognizing the demand for a more compact experience, invested significantly in reducing the size of the PS5 Slim by up to 30%.

Slim version (on the left) and traditional PS5 (on the right) – Image: My PlayStation/Reproduction

This reduction not only improved the aesthetics of the consolebut it had tangible impacts on weight, with a decrease of approximately 18% for the discless version and 24% compared to versions equipped with a disc reader.

This visionary approach from Sony resulted in a lighter and more elegant console, providing greater convenience to players, without affecting the internal hardware, as the graphics processor is the same and, in terms of storage, the PS5 Slim has a 1TB SSD.

Furthermore, we should highlight that, in the future, Sony plans to launch an extra device that will make it possible to play disc games on the PS5 Slim, but this will be for Brazilian gamers, as the PS5 Slim will only be sold in the digital version here in the country. .

This addition will expand the choices available to gamers looking to enjoy a wide variety of titles, giving the console unique versatility.

Pre-sale prices

As for purchase options, Amazon is offering pre-sale of the PS5 Slim for R$3,533, an attractive price for those who wish to purchase the console outright.

Furthermore, in the Amazon online store, it is possible to pay in up to 10 interest-free installments, providing flexibility to consumers.

Free shipping complements this offer, making the purchase of the PS5 Slim a Amazon an even more advantageous option.

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This is the chance to immerse yourself in the Sony gaming experience in a Slim version, combining cutting-edge performance, elegant design and affordability.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this revolution in the world of video games with the PlayStation 5 Slim!

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