Disturbing: Police warn parents about dangers of ‘Poppy Playtime’ game

The game “Poppy Playtime” is currently at the center of a controversy that has worried parents and guardians around the world. With scary videos featuring the character Huggy Wuggy, international police authorities have issued warnings about the risk to children and teenagers.

“Poppy Playtime” is an independent survival horror game. Players take on the role of a former Playtime Co. factory employee who ventures into an abandoned toy factory. There, they face frightening puzzles and dangers as they try to survive.

In this bizarre scenario, a monstrous character with shark teeth is the first enemy encountered in the game. He pursues the player tirelessly through Playtime Co., creating an environment of constant tension.

The videos often display frightening images and sounds, which can have a negative impact on children as these videos are spreading quickly across the world. social media.

Additionally, the lack of regulation and proper classification makes it easier for unsuspecting children to encounter such disturbing content.

Alarming activity

A report from Sky News revealed that some children are “recreating” the aforementioned game in the school environment, imitating the characters and their actions, including whispering disturbing and inappropriate phrases.

This trend is comparable to the negative influence that the “Round 6” series, from Netflix, for example, had about children. The concern of parents and educators is that such activities may affect the psychological well-being of young people.

Viral videos featuring Huggy Wuggy insinuate that the character sings the song “Free Hugs” by popular YouTuber TryHardNinja in the game. However, this claim is false, which only adds to the confusion and concern surrounding this internet phenomenon.

Faced with these problems, the police issue warnings about the need to closely monitor what children watch on social media, especially on YouTube and TikTok, the vehicles on which these videos are shared.

Image: Yandex/Reproduction

Age classification and controversies

Despite featuring toys and an atmosphere that could appeal to children, Poppy Playtime is not suitable for minors.

The PC version does not have an official rating, but the CEO of MOB Games suggests that the game is suitable for ages 8 and up, while other platforms consider a “Teen” or “12+” rating.

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The controversy surrounding “Poppy Playtime” highlights the importance of parents closely monitoring the content their children have access to online.

Strict parental control measures and open dialogue about the dangers of the internet are essential to ensure children are safe while navigating the digital world.

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