Diablo 4: full map revealed, game will be much bigger than beta

Like many players, you may have spent your weekend wandering the wastelands of Sanctuary through the Diablo 4 Open Beta. explore the entire first zoneto know Broken Hills.

A region of considerable size because it still has 7 Teleport Relays. Fortunately they are there. Without these portals, journeys would take forever on foot. Not to mention there are things to do especially between dungeons, caves, bastions, main and secondary quests. world boss Ashava.

Also, to make it easier for players to progress, an interactive map appeared on the Internet. Lists all points of interest of the beta, including all services and merchants, not forgetting the location of all objects, appearances and altars of Lilith.

As you know, Diablo IV was designed as a service game intended to run for at least a decade. To keep players engaged, Blizzard has released season passes, extensions, new characters, etc. It plans to dilute the game regularly with innovations such as

However, looking at the map, We see that a beautiful section in the south is still shaded. What does it mean to introduce an additional area in the months following launch? It’s very possible.

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