Description of the Dead Space Centrifuge puzzle

The Dead Space centrifuge puzzle requires you to activate a centrifuge with several spinning clutch generator modules using both of your suit powers. It’s not a difficult puzzle once you understand what is needed – in other words, using Stasis and Kinesis together – but we’ll go into more detail about what is needed in our Dead Space centrifuge puzzle guide below.

How to enable Dead Space Centrifuge

The Dead Space Centrifuge puzzle can be solved in a few steps that I’ve outlined for you below:

  1. Anti-Grav fly to the opposite path and recharge your Stasis if needed.
  2. Glide towards the centrifuge and the rotating generators on the arms.
  3. For each “clutch generator module” use Stasis to slow it down.
  4. Then, while it was slowed down, he used Kinesis to slide it into the centrifuge.
  5. Install both clutches as indicated above.
  6. When done, go back to the main control panel in the walkway and click “restart centrifuge”.
Dead Space tips and tricks

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If you’re like me, the hard part here is recognizing the importance of Stasis. It’s been quite some time since the last puzzle that needed time slowing power, so trying to Stabilize the spinning clutches may not be your first impulse – but the centrifuge won’t accept them when spinning too fast.

Once you’ve completed the puzzle above, the centrifuge will let out all the oxygen in the room – wow – and you won’t have much time to get out. Take the elevator behind you and use the walkway that winds around the room (avoid the spinning generator and necromorphs). Until you reach the next elevator and follow the next passage around the airlock, there will be oxygen refills in some of your shelters.

Of course, this is not the only puzzle in the game. You will then have to sort Dead Space Communication Array – check the provided link for info about it.

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