Dark and Darker class guide, stats and playstyles

Choosing which are the best Dark and Darker classes will depend to some extent on your personal playstyle, as well as whether you’re teaming up with other adventurers or playing alone with this dungeon crawler. Six different classes can be chosen, from Barbarian to Cleric, and each has their own unique strengths and potential weaknesses to consider. The game is currently in the Alpha game testing phase, but thanks to February’s Steam Next Fest, there’s an opportunity for many more players to try the game with a game testing ‘demo’ launched via the official game page.

If you’re checking out, here’s an overview of all the Dark and Darker classes, and details on some of their best abilities and skills. Keep in mind that these classes and other systems will see some changes following test feedback, until the game is scheduled for release in late 2023.

How to choose Dark and Darker class and understand statistics?

Dark and Darker have pretty standard class types, from the tough melee to the agile marksman. After creating a character, you can find a comprehensive list of statistics in the ‘Class – Abilities and Skills’ menu. This will also give you an overview of the character’s passive abilities, perks, and the character’s active abilities, skills.

Here is an overview of the most important stats to consider when choosing a Dark and Darker class:

  • Force: Affects HP and physical strength.
  • Agility: affects movement speed and attack speed.
  • Will: affects magic power, magic resist, and buff/debuff duration.
  • Information: affects spell memory, spell speed, and item identification speed.
  • versatility: affects interaction speed and item placement speed.
  • Weapon: Various physical weapons such as spears, swords and daggers
  • Fast movement and attack speed
  • Great beginner class

The fighter is a jack of all trades. Balanced skill sets, as well as the ability to equip a wide range of weapons and armor, make Fighter a great beginner’s class for new players. This class of Darkness and Darkness is surprisingly fast, as many abilities and skills focus on increased movement speed. Swift and Combo Attack are great perks for your first Fighter build.

Although the fighter can wield double visors and even equip weapons outside of class restrictions (at the expense of physical damage), it’s easier to start with a local one-handed weapon and a shield. Sprint and Second Wind are great starting skills, as the former helps you loot and escape faster, while the latter recovers 50% HP.

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  • Weapon: Heavy weapons
  • High HP
  • High physical damage

Thanks to their incredible power stats, Barbarian is the strongest Dark and Darker class. They’re enormous, great at wielding two-handed battleaxes, and no other class has higher HP. Barbarian’s perks are mainly focused on further developing these qualities. As a new Barbarian, it’s best to opt for a defensive skill like Iron Will, which increases magic resistance, or an offensive-based skill like Ax Specialization, which increases damage from axes.

Unfortunately, there is always a trade-off. In the Barbarian’s case, robustness comes at the expense of agility, dexterity, and knowledge, making this class boringly slow. As a result, the Barbarian is better suited for team play as a frontline warrior who can leave interactions and quick loot to others.

  • Weapon type: Daggers
  • very evasive
  • great for solo play

The Rogue class is blessed with a very high agility stat that makes them the fastest attackers in Dark and Darker. They can use an impressive variety of perks such as increased dagger attack damage, improved backstab attacks, enhanced stealth or poisonous blades. Rogues have a number of useful utility benefits, including the ability to detect traps and unlock without unlocking.

The main disadvantage of the Rogue class is that they are vulnerable as they lack proper strength and resistance. The Hide skill, which makes the character invisible until they move, can greatly increase your chances of survival. Combine that with the Weak Point Strike and you have a powerful starter kit to explore your first dungeon.

  • Weapon type: Bows
  • Can follow and trap enemies
  • great for solo play

Rangers should not use melee weapons unless absolutely necessary, but they are quite deadly from afar. As well as being excellent archers, Rangers are also adept at ambushing and dodging, as their abilities can increase their hearing or detect recent enemy activity. Also, the Ranger’s high dexterity and agility stats greatly increase item placement speed (including traps and campfires) and attack speed.

If you plan to play the ranger alone, it’s wise to take advantage of Spear Efficiency, which allows you to use spears and increases your strength. If you prefer to double down on those deadly shots, Sniper and Agile Hands are the best options. They go well with skills like Multishot and Quick Fire.

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  • Weapon type: Magic weapons
  • Has powerful magical spells
  • Many buffs including invisibility

This enigmatic fighter suffers from very low strength and dexterity, but makes up for it with incredible magic power. A defenseless damage dealer, the Sorcerer is strongest when guarded by allies. As you can imagine, most of the perks in the class are focused on reducing cast time while increasing magic damage. Consider using Quick Chant for more spell casting speed, Reactive Shield for better defense, and Sage for more information (increased spell memory and cast speed).

As for skills, Magic Memory and Meditation (revival spells) are a powerful combination. Equip low-cost spells like Zap, a few more powerful spells like Magic Missile, and useful buffs. Invisibility is highly recommended as it makes your Wizard (probably the name that betrays it) invisible.

  • Weapon type: Mace
  • Useful support capabilities
  • Can both heal and deal good physical damage

Priest is currently the best support class in Dark and Darker. Thanks to their high willpower, they have impressive magic power and long-lasting buffs. The Clergy has several perks that heal physical damage, protect against incoming damage, or heal the faction. While the extra damage can benefit a lone player, it’s highly recommended to focus on skills like Advanced Healer and Kindness if you’re in a group.

As for the Priest’s skills, it’s best to use a Magic Memory; this allows you to use powerful magic abilities such as Holy Light (heals allies or damages enemies) and Cleanse (removes debuffs). The main disadvantage to consider when choosing this Dark and Darker class is its slow attack and interaction speed.

Did you find the best Dark and Darker class ever? Good luck in the dungeons!