‘CS2’: Father surprises community by hiring his daughter’s team

A new story is being written in the world of esportsmarking a fascinating chapter in the ‘Counter-Strike 2‘ (CS2).

Carlos Bokor, a name that recently emerged on the scene, made a unique decision: he founded the Atrix organization and hired a team made up of his daughter, Gabriela “bokor”, and her teammates.

The group, previously known as mocreias, will now represent Atrix, bringing new energy to the group. competition.

Meet the new ‘Counter-Strike 2’ group

The team is made up of Amanda “s1non”, Isadora “yodinha2k”, Gabriela “bokor”, Mariana “LyttleZ” and Mariana “mari”.

These players, each with their own unique skills, are preparing for an important challenge: their debut in Women’s GC Masters VIII.

On Thursday (16), they faced the winner of the match between Fluxo Demons and CALABRESO, a clash that promises to be electrifying.

The Atrix team, led by Gabriela “bokor” Bokor, demonstrated ability and determination in GC Women’s Masters VIII. Initially, Atrix stood out by leading with a score of 7 to 5 on the offensive side of the Nuke map.

However, the match escalated when the opposing team forced extra time. At this crucial moment, Atrix, under the leadership of Gabriela “bokor”, achieved a difficult but significant victory, with a final score of 16 to 14.

In a game against MIBR, Atrix again showed its resilience.

Despite a challenging start, in which MIBR led, Atrix managed an impressive comeback, taking the game to extra time and ultimately achieving a narrow 16-14 victory.

This initiative by Carlos Bokor, although surprising, is not completely new to the Brazilian ‘CS’ scene. In 2003, Paulo Velloso created MIBR to support the dream of his son, Rafael “pred”.

Today, MIBR is one of the most influential organizations in the country, showing that passion and investment in talent relatives can lead to success.

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