Classic games on the clock? Discover the Retro Gaming Watch

In a scenario in which the consoles laptops have lost ground to smartphones, a revolutionary proposal emerges: the Retro Gaming Watch.

Created by engineer Jason Rogers, this ambitious project, currently in a Kickstarter campaign, promises to resurrect the nostalgia of classic games, integrating them directly onto your wrist.

Games on your wrist could revolutionize the retro gaming market

Imagine being able to access a classic game on your watch? – Image: Jason Rogers/Reproduction

Rogers aims to transform simple watches into powerful gaming platforms, capable of masterfully executing epoch-making titles.

The key to this feat is the inclusion of the FPGA, a component that elevates the Retro Gaming Watch to the level of an authentic emulation platform for 8 and 16-bit consoles.

Equipped with a 160 Mhz Arm Cortex M33 CPU, two cores dedicated to Bluetooth connection and sensors, as well as 1.5 MB of fast RAM, 8 MB of external RAM and a dedicated 2D processor, the item exceeds technical expectations.

Rogers assures that his device will not only support games from the DOS era, but will also accept titles from the Nintendo 64 era.

The design of the Retro Gaming Watch, inspired by the Game Boy Advance SP, is not limited to one platform games.

Smartwatch features have been integrated, allowing you to view notifications, respond to messages and perform various tasks when connected to a smartphone.

The success of the Kickstarter campaign is remarkable, it has already exceeded the modest initial US$35,000. With the support of 297 enthusiasts, fundraising to date has exceeded US$56,000.

To guarantee access to this innovation before its debut, contribute at least US$179 (R$877) by January 22nd.

Jason Rogers, creator of the Retro Gaming Watch, has already defined the final hardware configuration, materials and production process. However, it maintains flexibility for adjustments if financing exceeds expectations.

The Retro Gaming Watch is not just a watch, but a clever fusion of nostalgia and technologywhich promises to bring the charms of classic games to your wrist, in a style that goes far beyond the conventional.

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