Brazilian farmer surprises by creating ‘GTA 6’ for PS2 before official release!

As the world eagerly awaits the official release of the much-awaited ‘GTA 6‘, a Brazilian farmer surprised the gaming community by creating an early version of the game, available for PS2.

Pedro Antônio Petri, known as ‘Pedro PAP’ in YouTubenot only grows vegetables and fruits in Santa Catarina, but also ventures into creating mods for old games from the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ franchise.

The development of an experimental version

With the recent reveal of the ‘GTA 6’ trailer, Pedro delved into the production of a modification for ‘GTA Vice City’, inspired by the news of the next release of the Rockstar Games.

With more than a decade of experience in modifying games in the series, he quickly developed the alternative version and sought to demonstrate the classic’s customization potential.

The customized version of ‘GTA 6’ for PS2, created by the Brazilian farmer, is available for free download.

Although running on the console requires more effort, the ISO file can be played on PlayStation 2 emulators, such as the popular PCSX2, on the computer.

It is crucial to highlight that the project is experimental and was made available by the creator on his YouTube channel, in the video above, in the first comment.

The adventure in this alternative game offers a superficial experience, with limited PS2 graphics and the characters Jason and Lucia in place of the iconic Tommy Vercetti.

Despite not containing missions, the modification offers an interesting character exchange system, a feature that only the official version of ‘GTA V’ presents, but which modders adapted for the PS2 editions.

While fans await the release of the long-awaited ‘GTA 6’, it is recommended to explore the recently released ‘GTA Trilogy’ on cell phones through Netflix. This is a modernized option with improvements compared to the PC and console versions.

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