Bonuses and discounts for the week of GTA Online Independence Day 2022, Fourth of July

The GTA Online Independence Day event is entering town for another year, and we can already see the skies over Los Santos and Blaine County turn red, white, and blue with patriotic fireworks displays. This annual celebration has become a regular feature in GTA Online over the years, offering players the chance to collect limited-availability Independence Day items to add to their vehicles, weapon cabinets and wardrobes. The fourth week of July also brings free gifts, a host of discounts on other US-themed items, and huge bonuses for taking part in certain game modes. Read on for everything included in the GTA Online Independence Day 2022 event, then join before those privileges are gone for another twelve months!

When is the GTA Online Independence Day event?

The GTA Online Independence Day event, unsurprisingly, kicks off around July 4 each year. Bonuses and discounts usually apply after a week or so, which means you spend the best part of seven days accumulating extra GTA$ to collect promotional items and boost your virtual bank account. In 2022, the GTA Online Independence Day event will take place from 30 June to 6 July.

What items are available during the GTA Online Independence Day event?

As Rockstar announced in 2022 announcement (opens in new tab), you can claim the Western Sovereign motorcycle and USA Chute Bag for free during the week of the event – the bike is available from Southern San Andreas Super Autos, while the parachute is available from any Ammo store. You can also play Business Wars for a chance to find the rare Pisswasser Beer Cap, Benedict Beer Cap, Patriotic Beer Cap, Supa Wet Beer Cap or the Statue of Happiness T-Shirt in the received chests.

To continue the theme, you can also get 50% off the limited available GTA Online Independence Day items below, so choose if you want to add a Liberator monster truck with Stars and Stripes embossed or something else equally patriotic to your garage. from the list below:

  • Vapid Liberator monster truck
  • Vehicle Horns
  • rifle
  • fireworks launcher
  • fireworks ammo
  • Tire Smoke
  • Face Paint and Clothing
  • Mobile Operations Center Views
  • Mk II Weapon Skin
  • Hair cut
  • masks

Alongside these GTA Online Independence Day items, you can get 40% off all Facilities with their Modifications and Fortifications so you can build your perfect hideout and there are discounts applied to the following vehicles:

  • Pegassi Ignus – 40% discount
  • Pegassi Zentorno – 50% off
  • Pegassi Tempesta – 30% off
  • Buckingham Tug – 30% discount
  • Mobile Operations Center – 30% discount
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Finally, there are some great opportunities to earn bonus GTA$ and RP by participating in certain events. Triple GTA$ and RP for Job Battles, Overtime Rumble, Overtime Clash, Inch Inch and Run Back (Remix), plus double GTA$ and RP for Lester Contact Missions.

You’ll also earn triple GTA$ by playing Land Races, making them a great way to earn extra cash. To make things even better, if you complete all five of the Independence Day Special Ground Races – namely Across the Wilderness, Mud, Sweat and Gears, Swamp Monster and Lake Tour – you’ll get an additional GTA$200,000 bonus in them. 72 hours. Find these races by going to the Featured Series icon on your map or using the Quick Join function.

Be sure to check out the GTA Online Independence Day event in 2022 so you don’t miss out on limited-time items and great deals like these.

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