‘Arma 3’: game is so realistic that it was used to broadcast fake news; understand

The graphic evolution in video games reaches impressive heights and, at the same time, triggers unexpected challenges. The game “Arma 3“, released a decade ago, exemplifies this scenario by becoming an involuntary piece in a plot of digital disinformation that spills over into reality.

This video game, with its meticulous recreation of combat scenarios, has recently found itself at the center of a global controversy.

Controversy involving ‘Arma 3’

Images from the game were mistakenly conveyed as real records of the clashes between Israel and Palestine. The realism of the graphics fooled even attentive viewers, who shared the scenes as if they were authentic.

The distortion didn’t stop there. Clips from the game, which depict intense military actions, received false subtitles and went viral, intensifying the already tense atmosphere of the geopolitical scenario. One such clip, which showed a helicopter being shot down, racked up 2.5 million impressions on the social platform.

Experts and gaming enthusiasts were quick to identify the fallacy, marking the videos as false content, in an attempt to stop misinformation. Brown University’s Claire Wardle highlighted the importance of verifying information, a warning that rings loudly in an era where fiction can be indistinguishable from reality.

Bohemia Interactive, developer of “Arma 3”, spoke out about the misuse of its product. She highlighted the constant fight against the dissemination of these fake videos, which seem to multiply every day and only harm the dissemination of news.

Despite the challenges, “Arma 3” continues to be a jewel in the industry, with an active community that appreciates its graphic engineering and realism. The battle simulation proposal won over gamers, and the game’s legacy extends with modifications that gave rise to other popular titles, such as “DayZ” and “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”.

The price of “Arma 3” on the platform Steam, as well as its accessibility in terms of system requirements, remains attractive to new players. They can explore this virtual universe, always aware of the fine line between the digital and the real.

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