Are you going to spend Carnival playing ‘GTA’ online? Enjoy THIS update

Over the years, the ‘Grand Theft Auto (GTA)’ has stood out not only as a revolutionary game in terms of gameplay and narrative, but also as a notable example of how a title can remain relevant.

To this day, the work attracts players, even after so long since its release. The first game in the series debuted in 1997, since then, ‘GTA’ has maintained its popularity and relevance.

One of the facts that make the game still a success are the regular updates and a dedicated community. Furthermore, another reason is the ability to adapt and evolve over time.

The developer, Rockstar Games, has been diligent in providing updates and additional content for its games, especially in the case of ‘GTA’ Online, the multiplayer version of ‘GTA V’.

These updates include new game modes, vehicles, weapons, missions and seasonal events, keeping players engaged and encouraging continued exploration, and in that sense, the Carnival didn’t stay out!

‘GTA’ online has carnival-themed update

Rockstar has prepared a Carnival update for online ‘GTA’ players – Image: Rockstar/Reproduction

One of the most anticipated holidays of the year for providing the famous ‘hanging’, Carnival has arrived and brought with it not only the traditional street parades, but also new features for ‘GTA’ Online players.

For those who prefer to enjoy their free days in the comfort of their homes, the game will launch a special update on Ash Wednesday (February 14).

With this, there will be four new themed items to celebrate such a time of joy and revelry. Players will be able to get ready for the biggest street party in the world with the Carnival Sundress, Carnival Bandana, Bigness Carnival Sports T-Shirt and Bigness Carnival Hat.

With such accessories, the festive atmosphere will be present even within the virtual universe of ‘GTA’ Online.

In addition to the Carnival festivities, fans of the ‘GTA’ franchise were treated to a major announcement: the long-awaited ‘GTA 6’.

Rockstar was hacked, yet its trailer was a success

Despite a leak that forced Rockstar to bring forward its publication, the game’s trailer broke records on YouTube, generating great expectations among fans; check out:

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As predicted, the ‘GTA 6‘ will be set in Vice City and promises an even more vibrant and dynamic world than its predecessor, the beloved ‘GTA 5’.