Amazon: A mysterious Nintendo product is at the top of sales but what is it?

If you don’t know what to spend your money on today, we may have an idea for you, provided you’re particularly sensitive to Nintendo productions and own them. a certain risk appetite. Indeed, a mysterious product visibly tied to the Japanese firm is currently at the top of sales on Amazon. Right now, impossible to know exactly what.

Descriptions. It all started yesterday when Nintend’Alerts, the Twitter account recognized as one of the best curators of French tips for all things Nintendo, shared a weird Amazon listing. This is called “Nintendo August 2020 4” and costs 99.99€. No images are available and the object is not accompanied by any description or commentary.

So why are gamers buying this unknown Nintendo product?

It didn’t take much longer for most of its subscribers to rush to “the cause”. Indeed, only a few hours later the article is found. #1 in Amazon sales. In the comments, many are claiming that it will be a collector’s edition of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which has a new trailer this week and the Twitter account was talking about before sharing it.

In fact, €99.99 would be a very good plan for this collector’s edition. But there is a catch – there are actually quite a few. Already Amazon states that the article in question will be published… 18 December 2024. So it’s only for pre-order for now. Then, first of all, the collector’s item for the next Zelda has already been introduced and its cost 129,99€. In short, as some buyers said in the comments, luckily Amazon allows them to be refunded.

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