All Resident Evil 3 weapons, upgrades and add-ons

Resident Evil 3 guns and guns are your only line of defense against Nemesis and zombies, and finding upgrades and add-ons to make them better can turn an impossible situation into a decisive victory. With lots of guns and weapon upgrades spread throughout Resident Evil 3 (opens in new tab) remake, it’s not easy to get hold of them all – but we’ve outlined the location for every weapon and upgrade in RE3 Remake for you below.

Point Sight G19 Pistol – Downtown

You will receive your first weapon upgrade from an office opposite the Pharmacy, which you can reach via an astonishing fire escape. The dot site continues on your starting G19 gun, making it more accurate. In a vault, in this area on the map:

The code to the safe is actually at the pharmacy across the street below, on a poster in the back, surrounded by certain digits of the phone number and marked with arrows. No need to check as it is 9L 1R 8L whether you look or not.

M3 Shotgun – Metro Office

You’ll find the Resident Evil 3 Shotgun early in the Subway office, but you won’t really get to until you find the bolt cutters. To make them follow the target to pass the fire. After you get the hose you can put out the flames and reach the repair shot and get the cutter. Then go to the Metro office and get the shotgun.

G19 Pistol extended magazine – Nemesis

There’s good news and bad news about the expanded G19 Pistol magazine. The good news is you won’t have to go looking for it because it will come to you. The bad news is that Nemesis has it – you’ll get it via a Supply Case he left when you first download it. The best way to do this is to have a grenade in your inventory and use it to knock it down when it appears (shortly after powering up again). Grab the case and head to a safe place to fit the extended magazine that holds 33 rounds.

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G19 Gun moderator – Nemesis

The moderator is a second pistol upgrade that you can get by downing Nemesis when it appears and begins to transform zombies with its tentacles. It silences the weapon and increases the critical strike chance, but means the weapon fires two shots in your inventory.

shotgun tactical stock

You can get the Shotgun Tactical Stock at the entrance of the subway from the strange clock machine to the left of the Item Box. The Tactical Stock is one of the rewards you get when you place a gem in the mechanism (found in Fancy Boxes scattered throughout the city centre). We got the stock using the red jewel you can find in a fancy box in the safe room of the downtown donut shop.

MGL Grenade Launcher – Sewage Office

The Resident Evil 3 grenade launcher is kind of free once you reach the sewers. It’s just waiting for you to pick it up at the office. You’ll have to fight a Hunter Gamma to get to it, but once you have it, it’s your explosive ordinance to deliver it from afar. Just go to the map:

Shotgun barrel – Downtown, Gun Shop Kendo

You will find the shotgun barrel while playing the main story. Wait until you reach Gun Shop Kendo, it will be waiting for you on a shelf as you enter. It will increase firing rate while narrowing the firing range for a tighter shot.

Assault rifle scope – Police Station, West Office

When you visit the location as Carlos, you will find the assault rifle scope in the outpost office. Inside a STARS safe as soon as you enter the room. Again, another card that is easy to obtain as you need the STARS card you will receive as part of the story.

Assault Rifle Container – Hospital Courtyard

On the second floor of the hospital, you’ll find two broken windows that you can jump through, marked with yellow tape, that will take you to different areas of the courtyard below. If you skip the first one, you’ll find the assault rifle butt hidden in a cornered bucket.

Assault rifle dual magazine – Hospital Nurses Station

The Resident Evil 3 assault rifle dual clip is one of those upgrades that’s easy to miss, as you can only get it while playing as Carlos in the hospital. When you return to Jill, you will find that she is hiding. You’ll find the safe it’s in at the Nurses Station. combination 9 clockwise 3 counterclockwise.

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You don’t need to find the combination to open it, but if you want to mark it, it’s on a board in the OR.

G18 pistol explosion model – Hospital Temporary Infirmary

The pistol’s three-shot burst pattern is ready for Jill to pick up as soon as she takes over from Carlos at the hospital. You’ll find it by the door as you exit the makeshift Infirmary area.

Yıldırım Şahin – Hospital Courtyard

You’ll find the magmatic projectile that fires the Resident Evil 3 Lightening Hawk in the hospital courtyard, where you find yourself as Carlos, but in a new area you can only access as Jill. There is a third window on the second floor that you can jump through after Jill says she thinks she can get through a gap. After jumping down you will find Lightning Hawk in a silver box by a corpse.

Shotgun ammo holder – Underground Storage

In the Underground storage area where you need to find the fuses, you will find the Shotgun ammo holder that allows you to reload faster. It’s behind the last list just before completing a loop of the room. This is the only list where you don’t actually need to move, so it’s easy to overlook the area.

Extended Barrel (Mag) – Underground Warehouse surveillance room

After finding all the fuses needed to run the list, you will find the Extended Barrel (Mag) in the surveillance room of the underground storage area. It’s in the corner, next to the window behind the big console you need to interact with.

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