All GTA Online Antenna locations for new radio station

Find these GTA Online antennas to help Joy Orbison get the Still Slipping Los Santos radio station up and running in Los Santos’ Mirror Park area. To do this, you must find 10 broken antennas on the map and fix them to give a sufficient support signal to reach the masses. As with other collectibles, repairing each of the Still Slipping antennas will give you enough RP and cash, and you’ll get a final reward for completing the quest. Since GTA Online covers such a large area and no one wants to waste their precious time blindly searching for these rare, beeping beacons, we have everything you need for GTA Online antenna locations to receive the Still Slipping broadcast.

GTA Online Antennas locations

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To start your search for the GTA Online antenna, you must first go to the Mirror Park area circled on the map above, in a vehicle that can receive radio stations. Next, you will receive a pop-up notification about repairing GTA Online broken antennas to assist with the initial setup of Still Slipping Los Santos and you can start repairing them. While all these areas are accessible on foot, you can make the process much easier by taking a helicopter and flying between each of the GTA Online antenna locations, landing on rooftops as needed. The 10 antennas can be repaired in any order, with the numbers below referring to the locations marked on the map. You will know when you are close to someone when you hear the warning beep emanating from them.

GTA Online Antenna 1 – Cypress Flats

GTA Online antenna 1 is on the roof in the middle of the CMC factory.

GTA Online Antenna 2 – San Andreas / Goma St

The GTA Online antenna 2 is on the roof of the Vespucci Rooms opposite the Vespucci beach workout area.

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GTA Online Antenna 3 – Pacific Bluffs

The GTA Online antenna 3 is next to a much larger antenna on the northeastern roof of the Kortz Center.

GTA Online Antenna 4 – Burton

GTA Online antenna 4 is between two satellite dishes on the northeast roof of Rockford Plaza.

GTA Online Antenna 5 – Vinewood Hills

GTA Online antenna 5 is next to the building on the east side of the antenna compound above the Vinewood sign.

GTA Online Antenna 6 – Grand Senora Desert

The GTA Online antenna 6 is next to a larger antenna on the hill just northwest of the Rebel Radio buildings.

GTA Online Antenna 7 – Sandy Shores

GTA Online antenna 7 is outside of the trailer, next to Trevor on Sandy Shores.

GTA Online Antenna 8 – Grape Seed

The GTA Online antenna 8 is inside a fenced area under a tall triangular pole in a Grape Seed field.

GTA Online Antenna 9 – Mount Chiliad

The GTA Online antenna 9 is at the corner of the upper station platform on the Mount Chiliad cable car.

GTA Online Antenna 10 – Paleto Bay

The GTA Online antenna 10 is on the roof of the Blaine County No1 Fire Station.

GTA Online Antenna Awards

For each of the GTA Online antennas you repair, you will receive RP and an increased amount of cash; this adds up to a total of GTA$250,000 when you fix all 10 of them. You will also receive a text from Still Slipping Los Santos. “I can’t believe it! I have some final adjustments to make, but we’ll be releasing to everyone soon. Thanks for your help. We have new promotional items in the print shops and your name is at the top of the list.” So, when Still Slipping radio station officially goes live in the near future, you can expect to get some additional clothing items to represent the brand in your wardrobe.

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