ALERT! ‘Tekken 8’ accessibility filters are dangerous for some players

In recent years, technological advances have provided important innovations in the electronic gamesexpanding not only the entertainment experience, but also incorporating accessibility elements for different audiences.

However, the inclusion of accessibility features is not always without controversy, especially when considering the impact on gamers’ health.

Recently, the long-awaited release of ‘Tekken 8’, one of the most popular fighting games, has brought to light heated debates over an accessibility feature that, although intended to broaden the participation of different audiences, raises significant concerns related to the health of players. .

Accessibility expert says filter can cause epileptic seizures

Tekken 8’s accessibility feature receives health allegations. Image: Bandai Namco/Reproduction

After the release of the demo ‘Tekken 8‘ for PC, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5, the game’s accessibility features have been made available to players.

As a result, concerns arose from some users about a specific visual filter that has the potential to pose health risks.

This filter, aimed at colorblind people, transforms the environment into black and white, with characters displaying black stripes.

Given this scenario, an accessibility specialist, Ian Hamilton, warned about possible triggers of epilepsy attacks and discomfort for light-sensitive users, stating that the filter did not meet the needs of users. color blind.

“Katsuhiro Harada, you urgently need to remove one of your filters [o com listras]he cannot be present at the launch as he could hospitalize players (or worse), in the same way as the famous Pokémon episode”, says Hamilton.

In response, director Katsuhiro Harada defended the Bandai Namcoemphasizing the company’s collaboration with several research institutes in creating these accessible resources.

“Color options are a rare part of fighting games, but we are still researching and will expand on them in the future […] We would also like to inform you that we worked with several research institutes and communities to develop this option”, says Harada.

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