Age of Empires 4: release date, platforms, gameplay, all info

Age of Empires license reinstated! After remastering the first three episodes, Microsoft will bring it fully to the forefront. with the highly anticipated fourth installment. We have compiled everything you need to know about the highly anticipated Age of Empires 4 in this file.

When is the Age of Empires 4 release date?

Age of Empire 4 has been available since October 28, 2021.


On which platforms will Age of Empires 4 be released?

Age of Empires has always been an epic that is very much tied to the PC platform and that will not change with this new chapter. Indeed, AoE 4 will be available on the computer, and more specifically Windows 10. As we said above, it will be possible to buy it on Steam, just like Sea of ​​Thieves, one of Microsoft’s other big hits.


The title is also available on Xbox Series X and S. Finally, the full license arrived on GeForce Now in June 2023, allowing you to explore it in cloud gaming.

What about the historical context?

Each Age of Empires has a historical period. Released in 1997, the first game was set in Antiquity, while the second (1999) honored the Middle Ages. The third part took place during the colonization of America. Microsoft released a video when the game was announced in 2017. we can admire different concept art. You could see, among other things, Greek hoplites, a Roman emperor, a medieval siege, a conqueror, 18th century sailors… It was a precursor to a game that would encompass all ages.

Still the first gameplay video released in 2019 clearly focuses on the middle ages It shows a fortified English town being attacked by a Mongol army. The game will thus focus on the classical and late Middle Ages, just like in the second part.

What will the game look like?

The first certainty regarding the gameplay of Age of Empires 4: it will be an RTS like its predecessors. You will need to build your base, manage your units and assemble an army to defeat the enemy. Regarding the game itself, we will be able to lead eight civilizations: Delhi Sultanate, British, Chinese, Mongols, Abbasid Dynasty, Holy Roman Empire, Russians and French. As in the old games, each faction has its own characteristics. The Delhi Sultanate, for example, draws on the power of the War Elephants, while the Mongols can move their camps at will to establish a base closer to the coveted resources. Each faction will also have its own solo scenario.

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The city-building aspect is also more developed. big cities to manage and defend (or take). Each of the inhabitants has a role: collecting resources, managing livestock, scouting towards enemy camps… Of course, the game also includes large-scale battles without reaching the gigantic scale of the Total War saga (with thousands of soldiers displayed on the screen). ). Again, each unit has a specific role. Groups on the ground clash in the heat of battle, while archers support them from afar.

The beta has been available to a lucky few since August 5th, and one of them shared a lengthy gameplay footage. So we can see him playing for over 90 minutes with China. Enough to realize the user interface, but also the evolution of strategies through different eras of the game.

Microsoft has stated that naval battles will be available, promising an even more advanced strategic direction.

Who is developing Age of Empires 4?

Age of Empires 4 was developed by Relic Entertainment. This is a studio you can trust as they are a seasoned RTS. His works include Homeworld, Company of Heroes. or the Warhammer Dawn of War series. Dawn of War 2 is also considered one of the best RTSs in the history of the genre. Age of Empires 4 is therefore in good hands.

How can we play previous installments?

If you’ve never played Age of Empires, there is a very simple way to do the first chapters. These are old games (first released in 1997 and last in 2005) but they have been refactored to workr On new machines without stinging eyes, even with 4K compatibility.

imperial age

Age of Empires 1, 2 and 3 Final Release It is playable on PC via the Xbox app. They’re included in Game Pass, so if you’ve never subscribed before, you can try all three for $10 a month, $1 the first month.

Since the three sections are independent of each other, you can do it in any order you want. By consensus, the best part of the saga is Age of Empires 2 (set in the middle ages). It also welcomed a new DLC that adds two civilizations and three campaigns.